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Making Money Betting on Esports: Is It Possible?

Making money betting on esports

You have probably heard esports mentioned at some point. After all, it is something that is big news right now. With the sporting calendar severely disrupted in 2020, esports have become a valid alternative. It’s time to find out what esports are all about. We will then take a look at how you can try and make money from betting on esports.

Work Out If You Have an Edge in Your Betting

How to Work out if you an edge in your betting

It is a great feeling to win a bet. But even a successful wager can leave you filled with doubts. For example, you might wonder whether you now have a winning system. So, how can you work this out? The good news is that there are a few simple questions to help you out. The following points will show you whether you have or haven’t got an edge.

What Will MB Look Like Once the Lockdown Finishes?

What Will Matched Betting Look Like Once the Lockdown Finishes

The UK’s lockdown has had a huge effect on our lives. It all started in the second half of March, as the coronavirus pandemic began to spread. The lockdown came into force to slow down this disease. Normal life is starting up again. We can see more shops opening and people out and about. But what has happened to matched betting in this period? More importantly, what does the future hold for it?

Do Bookies Restrict Women’s Betting Accounts Faster?

Do Bookies Restrict Women’s Accounts Faster

Getting your account restricted is one of the main hazards of matched betting. It can also cause problems with other betting systems and strategies. There have been suggestions that female account-holders are more likely to be restricted. To find out the truth, we need to take a good look at the overall subject.

Who Are the Best Free Twitter Tipsters to Follow?

Best free twitter tipsters to follow

Twitter offers a great platform for receiving instant, concise messages. What about sports tipsters, though? You might have already seen a few of them using this platform. Twitter also gives you a way of following them too. However, it is important to be aware that not all Twitter tipsters are reliable. We can start with some horse racing tipsters on Twitter. After that, we will move on to look at some tipsters who advise on football matches.

Are Bookies’ VIP Schemes Worth It?

bookie vip schemes worth it?

We all love to hear someone call us a VIP. This is something that hints at us being special, valued customers. VIP schemes are common in many different industries. They have also become more widely used in online betting sites. The big question is whether this is something that is worth doing.

PounceBet Review


Finding the perfect moment to pounce is crucial in betting. In this PounceBet review, we will look at a mobile notification service. It claims to tell us exactly when to place a wager. It can then automatically work out when to cash out. It even works with Betfair. This sounds like a decent idea, but does it work?

What Are the Best Sports Betting Podcasts?


Sports podcasts have started to go mainstream in recent times. More and more people are turning to them. Why should you do this and which ones can you listen to? Let’s get started by thinking about why you might want to listen to a podcast? What do they offer that could be of use to you.   

Matched Betting and Coronavirus

Matched Betting and Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has affected just about every aspect of our lives in the last few weeks. From work to travel and social activities, life has been thrown off track for all of us. So it is no surprise to see that matched betting has been impacted too.

What does this mean for anyone who currently makes money like this? To understand it better, we need to take a closer look at each different area. Let’s see what matched betting and coronavirus really means for you.