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Buncejar Review – Is it better than Matched Betting?

Buncejar Review

The hunt for sporting betting possibilities takes us far and wide these days. With so many options about, it is worth finding out about all of them. This will let you make an informed decision. This takes us to Buncejar. What can you find out in this Buncejar review to help you to make the right decision? We will look at all the in ands and outs of using it in this review.

Betdaq Review – Can They Become the Leader?

Betdaq Review

With so many betting options around, you might think that they are all the same. Yet, the truth is that each of the brands has its own story behind it. For example, have you ever visited Betdaq? What is the story behind this sports betting exchange? Most importantly, what does the future hold in store for Betdaq?

Why Are Bet 365 So Successful?

Why is Bet 365 so successful?

Have you ever wondered why some bookmakers are so much more successful than others? What about in the case of Bet365? They offer big bonuses to punters. The likes of the bet £250 get £125 Grand National refund deal. Then there is the offer to bet £50 get £50 in-play offers. After all, most other bookies are offering measly £5 free offers & 10p free spins. I decided to investigate how Bet365 can afford to stand out from the crowd.

Top 5 Odds Comparison Sites

Top 5 odds comparison sites

Finding value is one of the secrets to making money from anything in life. Things are no different when dealing with the bookies. You need to find the odds that give you the best chance of a tidy profit. Understanding how odds comparison sites work is vital in this. Once you get to grips with this aspect, things will be a lot clearer. What do you need to know to get started?

GG Tips Review – Are they worth following?

GG Tips Review

Do you love horse racing but hate losing your bets? Most punters suffer far too many losses to make any sort of profit. Isn’t that just part of this hobby, though? In this GG Tips review, I will look at a popular tipster option. Is this the way to make more money from betting on horses? Or would you better looking for other ways of making money?

Each Way Sniper Updates

Each Way Sniper updates

Each Way Sniper Update I’ve added a TBP (to be placed) option on Each Way Sniper. Click Extra places then select TBP option. This will compare the bookmakers extra places with the Betfair TBP markets. E.g. bookie paying 5 places, Betfair TBP market 5 places. This will work as a straight EW arb / value punt only. You won’t make any extra profit if the horse finishes in the extra place. Since a lot of bookies have gone 1/5 odds…

What Is the Best Value Betting Software?

What is the best Value Betting Software

If you are fed up losing money to the bookies it is time for a change. Could using the right type of software bring your betting up to the next level? Specifically, can it make your value betting approach more profitable? This is a very tempting idea. With one simple tool you will be advised which bets are likely to be money-spinners. Value betting software could be exactly what you need. Doesn’t that sound like the sort of easy life that we all crave? Click here to read the full guide.

What Is IESnare and How Do I Block It?

What Is IESnare?

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether your online activity is as private as you’d like it to be? Or are you being spied upon every time that you do something?
What is IESnare and can it help the bookies to keep an eye on you? Even more importantly, what can you do about it? Let’s see what it is all about.

What Is Betfair Trading All About?

Betfair Trading

If you have heard of Betfair trading you might wonder whether it is something you can do. Can you make money from it? Do other people do this for a living and, if so, what does it involve? Maybe it’s time for you to find out what it is all about then. The following is an introduction that will let you get to grips with this fascinating way of betting.

Russell Blair Racing Review – Are the tips Profitable?

Russell Blair Racing Review

Could choosing a good horse racing tipster change your life for the better? It seems safe to say that winning money regularly would be fantastic news for anyone One of the tipsters you may have heard of is called Russell Blair. This is the name of a well-known horse tipster service. But what does it really provide? There are some differing opinions for us to take into account in this Russell Blair Racing review.

Cleeve Racing Review – Are the tips any good?

Cleeve Racing review

Would you love to win more money from the bookies? Of course, you would. Trying to beat the bookies is what we all dream of doing. But how should you go about trying to do this? This Cleeve Racing review looks at a popular tipster service. Let’s take a look at what it is all about. Is it something that might be worth considering?

Betconnect Review – Is it legit?

Betconnect Review

Are you looking for new ways to bet? Maybe you would like to find out what the experts bet on? Following tipsters has long been a popular approach. But is there a more modern way to do this now? Well, there are now far more ways of betting than ever before. So it was time that pro bettors got a new platform. This Betconnect review looks at an interesting new betting service. Basically, it takes the idea of pro tipsters and gives it a novel twist. Let’s take a look at the full details in this Betconnect review.