What Are the Best Sports Betting Podcasts?

What Are the Best Sports Betting Podcasts?

Sports betting podcasts have started to go mainstream in recent times. More and more people are turning to them. Why should you do this and which ones can you listen to?

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing people to stay indoors. So now is a great time to catch up on some of the best podcasts. This lets you stay in touch with the sports world easily. You might find that it becomes a part of your weekly routine.

Let’s get started by thinking about why you might want to listen to a podcast? What do they offer that could be of use to you.

What Is a Sporting Betting Podcast?

This is a type of online broadcast that you can listen to at any time. It is generally an audio file, although some are also available as videos. This means that it is good for listening to while driving. Or while cycling or traveling to work on public transport. In fact, they offer great entertainment at any time.

If you normally look on the TV for sport, this is a different option. The fact that you can watch them at any time is a big advantage. You might choose one to wake up to. Or else listen to one before going to sleep. It is entirely up to you.

There are now believed to be over 800,000 active podcasts online. This gives you a total of more than 54 million episodes to listen to. It is a huge market. And it is growing all the time.

Naturally, this huge number of podcasts covers a massive number of different subjects. These range from comedy to money matters and from discussions about crimes to history lessons. Basically, you can find a broadcast on anything that you are interested in.

One of the most popular subjects is sport. There are numerous podcasts covering football, tennis and cricket. In fact, you could listen to one on just about any sport.

They are normally fun, chatty affairs. Two or more hosts will tend to work together, or a single host will interview experts. The atmosphere is often light-hearted and filled with jokes. The best ones build up large, loyal fan bases.

There are fewer that are based purely on sports betting. Yet, there are some out there. They look at different aspects of the industry and have varied styles. For example, some give tips for upcoming races while others interview important industry figures.

Why Listen to One?

There are several reasons for listening to a sports betting podcast. The first one is simply entertainment. When done well, they can help you to pass an hour or so enjoyably. If you have never listened to one you might be surprised. You might like it more than you thought you would.

Some of them are just like a group of friends chatting. You will soon pick up the in-jokes and discover their personalities. On some, it is an informal sort of structure. So expect them to wander off to talk about all sorts of things on any episode. Others appear to be more heavily scripted.

Apart from the entertainment factor, what else do they offer? Well, you might learn something new. This is a great way of picking up tips from the experts. You might hear a tip or learn some behind the scenes news.

This is especially true on something like matched betting. You want to be as informed as you can be on this subject. Every little bit of information you can get hold of helps.

This is a good tactic for beginners. If you are new to matched betting, this is a solid starting point. But even experts can learn something new in this way. You might need to listen to a lot of chatting to pick up a nugget of information. But if you like their style, this won’t be a problem.

How to Pick the Best Betting Podcast?

New podcasts appear online all the time. This means that there is a big selection to choose from. So choosing the right one is vital. What should you be looking for?

For a start, are you more interested in entertainment or information? You might prefer a serious podcast or one that is more light-hearted. Some try to provide a balance between these extremes. The use of a panel of guests helps, as there are generally different personalities on them.

Then, it comes down to considering what you want. Do you want serious tips? Or a look at the overall industry? Perhaps you want a few laughs and some tipping advice thrown in?

Then there is your level of expertise to consider. Do you need to listen to something fairly basic to get you started? Or are you looking for advanced topics?

There is something for everyone out there. Let’s look at some of the names you might come across when looking online. To help you get going, we have picked a few of the best sports betting podcasts for you. Why not give them a try when you have a few minutes? You might find something that is perfect.

Business of Betting – What Is It?

This podcast has been around for a long time now. Their site confirms that they have passed 1 million downloads and listens. What is impressive is the short time in which they have done this.

business of betting

Business of Betting started up at the beginning of 2017. Since then, they have produced 125 episodes. At the time of writing, the latest ones include Inside the Pylons and NFL betting. There is a lot of variety in the topics that are covered.

Their broadcasts are sponsored by Betfair Australia. They look at the business side of gambling and investing. This often means one to one interviews with leading figures in the industry.

Some of their podcasts involve interviews with CEOs of betting companies. Other have professional bettors, poker players and so on. You never know exactly what to expect

The host is Australian Jake Williams. He doesn’t seem to stick to a script. Instead, he lets the guests chat and covers a lot of ground. His friendly manner and relaxed style make him easy to listen to.

You can find all of their older broadcasts on their site, using the Soundcloud platform. They can also be downloaded on iTunes if you prefer.

The podcast’s Twitter account tells us what comes next. We can see that the next season will cover episodes 126 to 150. This is going to see the return of the best guests to date, for a second interview.

You can listen to past episodes here: –

Business of Betting – Will It Help You?

This is an interesting and informative podcast. Some of the guests are industry heavyweights with great insights. If you are interested in the business side of gambling, it is recommended.

Having said that, it isn’t the sort of tool for picking up tips. Instead, it will give you a better understanding of the market. It is certainly worth a try if you are interested in sports betting. However, if you just want to make money on matched betting, it is probably too high-level.

Matchbook Betting Podcast – What It Is?

This is an interesting option, as it comes from a betting exchange. Matchbook is one of the big exchanges in this industry.


Their podcast covers a wide range of subjects. Naturally, all of their episodes are sports betting focussed. But they jump from one sport to another. This makes their archives highly varied.

The most recent episode is based on Irish horse racing. This is because it is one of the few sports still going ahead. It is hosted by Tom Stanley, Ali Maxwell, Aidan O’Sullivan and Phil Kitromilides. You will also hear special guests popping up now and again.

It is easy to listen to on a desktop PC. You can also download using the App Store or Google Play. This makes it a great choice for listening to on the move.

Once sport gets back on track, expect it to be back. This is a weekly podcast that is one of the most popular UK sports betting podcasts.

You can listen to past episodes here: –

Matchbook Betting Podcast – Will It Help You?

Previous episodes largely focus on football or horse racing. Some also look at golf or other sports. So there is a decent amount of variety there.

They tend to look at upcoming events and odds. So listening back to old broadcasts isn’t all that informative. It is quite entertaining though. You might want to choose a shorter episode to get a feel for it first of all.

Ideally, you will listen to an episode on upcoming games or races. In that case, this could be useful. You will find a lot of great information and tips on here.

It is probably best described as a mixture of entertaining and informative. If you love hearing experts talk about sports you will enjoy this. There is also a decent chance that you pick up some useful tips.

As it is from Matchbook, it looks at things from an exchange point of view. That is perfect for matched betting fans, of course. It is well worth giving a try.

Betfair Podcasts – What Is It?

As the biggest exchange in the business, it is no surprise to see Betfair involved with podcasts. Indeed, they have a variety of broadcasts on different sports.

These are fun, lively podcasts with a panel of experts all chipping in. They cover everything from football and horse racing to cricket and rugby.

Again, the lack of action has seen it ground to a halt. Normally, there is a fixed schedule in the week. Tuesday is the day for cricket and Wednesday is NFL. Football is covered on Thursday and horse racing on Friday. You can delve into their archive to sample past episodes.

The host on Football…Only Bettor is Caroline Barker. Among the others on the panel are Mark O’Haire and Kevin Hatchard. Dimitar Berbatov is their football ambassador who turns up regularly. They chat about the latest and biggest issues each week.

You can listen to these broadcasts on Apple Music or Spotify. You can also watch the videos on their site or on YouTube. They are hugely popular broadcasts that are good fun to listen to or watch.

You can listen to past episodes here: –

Betfair Podcasts – Will It Help You?

These podcasts cover a lot of subjects. The fact that different experts get involved means that there are lots of opinions.

betfair trading

The key is in working out which ones to act on. There is no doubt that you will learn a lot on here, though. If you are looking for a helping hand, this is a good starting point.

The hosts and guests are all knowledgeable. It isn’t just about boring chat and analysis, though. Their entertaining debates add plenty of life to the previews of the upcoming events.

They look at the latest odds and discuss which are the best bets. This might help you to make up your mind.

The Betting Guy – What Is It?

Dean is the host of this next sports broadcast. He has a background in working for a bookie and running a tipster service. It is clear that he is very enthusiastic about sports betting in general. The podcast is sponsored by Betfair and is growing impressively in popularity.

The Betting Guy

According to the site, the Betting Guy has over 50,000 unique monthly downloads. It also mentions more than 15,000 unique monthly views on YouTube. There are currently over 600 episodes to choose from. This shows how popular it has become in a relatively short period of time.

The latest episodes include a Champions League preview and a look at in play trades. Naturally, the current lack of sport has slowed things down a bit. Expect Dean to be back once sport is back to normal.

You can listen to past episodes here: –

The Betting Guy – Will It Help You?

These are good fun to listen to and you can also learn a lot. Dean knows his stuff and is always fired up when he speaks about betting. His enthusiasm should help put a smile on your face too.

Some of the episodes are focused on betting ploys. Others are interesting stories about the betting world. This means that there is a good degree of variety. Just pick the right episode for your current needs.

Football and horse racing are the main sports covered. The host seems equally comfortable talking about both of them.

Behind the Bets – What Is It?

This is an American-focused podcast that is hosted by Doug Kezirian. He regularly introduces guests with inside knowledge of Las Vegas and the betting market.

Behind the bets

Among his recent episodes is one called Embracing Gambling. This was recorded with a live audience. Together with Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin, he looks at how sports leagues are embracing betting. His co-host on this episode is sports analyst Jeff Ma.

Other past broadcasts include looks at American football, baseball and basketball. The strong American focus gives it a very different feel to the British podcasts. This makes it interesting for a change of pace.

You can listen to past episodes here: –

Behind the Bets – Will It Help You?

This is another podcast that is more about giving you a broader knowledge. Unless you bet on American sports, you probably won’t pick up many tips here.

However, you are sure to learn a few things. The host covers some fascinating subjects around the broader gambling industry.

It may be a bit heavy and in-depth for some listeners. But others will be pleased to learn a few new things from each broadcast.

Best betting podcast  – Which One Should You Choose?

It is worth listening to all of these podcasts. Why not set aside and hour or so to give them all a try? They are all different but worthwhile.

With the sporting action on hold, this is a great time to check them out. If you like one, just subscribe to it. You will then get advised of new episodes as they are launched.

Before long, sports should be back to normal. When that happens, these podcasts can be a great part of your weekly routine.


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