Extra Place Value System

Extra Place Value System

I’ve updated Each Way Sniper extra places with a new feature called EPV (extra place value).

This works out the value of the extra place and adds it on to the rating. This makes it much easier to pinpoint value selections quickly.

Recommended settings: –

Min rating: 110
Min odds: 7.0
Tick show odds in the final 10 minutes before the race starts
Select event time now

This is the same as the Each Way Sniper value strategy. You are only going to place an E/W bet with the bookmaker. There are no lay bets involved.

Over just over 1 month of testing, my results showed a 60 point profit.

There is no commission factored in to the EPV. You should focus on bets with a rating above 110 for best results. Most of the bets will show closer to the race start time.

Update 26th January

You can now call the EPV bets up from the main Each Way Sniper page. When you tick EPV, it will automatically show extra place value bets with a rating of 110 or above. The rest of the bets will be shown with your standard settings.

This means you can place more value bets whilst only looking at one screen.

The screen shot below shows you how to set it up. Select the EPV option from the settings. Any suitable EPV bets will show with a EP label next to their rating.

epv ews

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Comments (3)
Christopher Railton

Does this work with automatic betting software or do these have to be placed manually?

I place them manually

I’ve only recently started EWS again and my results have been outstanding! To protect my accounts (in particular 365) I’m only using small stakes (£1EW) but after 599 bets I’m £382.45 in profit or 64p/bet…Although I expect this to reduce slightly it’s still a mighty income stream!!

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