An Introduction to the Each Way No Lay Value System

An Introduction to the Each Way No Lay Value System

Finding a brand new way to earn money is always great news. It is even better when this is easy to get started with. Therefore, I am pleased to introduce a system that you might like to try. It is an each way value system (no laying).

This strategy actually started out on the Profit Maximiser forum. If you have a log in for that site you can see all the details there. Look under the “Each Way No Lay Value System”. There’s been over 52,000 comments on the threads so far making it the most popular strategy ever posted on the forum.

each way no lay value system

It isn’t a complicated system by any means. Anyone can get started without any fuss. However, there are some important points you need to know before you get going. Let’s look at the details right now.

How The Each Way Value System Works

You may be aware of the matched betting strategy of placing an each way bet with the bookie. You would normally then lay it off with Betfair to get a risk-free profit. This is called E/W arbing.

This strategy means that you should not lose. One of your wagers is going to win money. The only danger with E/W arbing is if the bookmakers change the number of places due to non runners. The Exchanges don’t change which means it’s possible to lose both bets under extreme circumstances.

This new approach adds a different twist to that tried and tested approach. It adds a small degree of risk. The flip side of that is that the wins are potentially higher too. You also don’t need to worry about the number of places reducing since there is no lay bets.

You start off by placing a small each way bet (£1 E/W is fine for starting off) with the bookmaker. Then, there is no need to lay it off at all. It might sound strange if you are used to lay bets. So how does it work?

The Each Way Sniper software locates the bookies’ best value bets. These are wagers where the odds appear to be too generous. The bookies pay more for the place than the win-odds imply they should. So, we are placing the bet at better odds than the true chances would suggest. This means that over time, the true value will shine through.

There is no need to place a lay bet. This is because we are being pretty strict on the wagers we choose. We aren’t using any bet that doesn’t offer us value.

Is The Each Way Value System Risk-Free?

Before going any further, let’s look at the risk issue. After all, not everyone is happy taking a risk with their wagering. Some people want a profit every single time, which is fair enough. This is something that this strategy can’t promise to give you.

If you want something that is completely free of risk then this isn’t right for you. There are other options you can look at. Matched betting offers a number of ways of earning with absolutely less risk. It is just the case that this isn’t of them.

This doesn’t mean that it is a high-risk strategy. It isn’t only aimed at high-rollers who are happy taking on huge risks. But you need to be aware that there is an element of risk involved in it. If you are clear about this at the start the whole thing will be a lot easier.

You won’t win every single time. It simply isn’t that kind of approach. You might lose a few days in a row. However, all of this is taken into account in the rules that we will cover in a minute.

If you want to remove the risk altogether then there are other strategies to suit you. The classic each way approach of backing and laying could suit you better in this case. It is all a question of personal preference, after all.

The more bets you place, the more you should win overall. You aren’t relying purely on luck. There is a solid, sensible theory in place here.

It is important to remember that you need a big enough bank for this. This is because you need to cover any losses that you incur. The last thing you want is to run out of money before you start winning.

If your bank is big enough, you can breathe easily. This is the cushion that lets you place bets confidently.

Each Way No Lay Value System Rules

As we have seen, this isn’t a risk-free strategy. Therefore, it is only to be used in certain situations. To help you to work out when to do it, I created simple rules. They are as follows.

  • You need to have a minimum of a 100 point bank. This will let you ride out any losing streaks comfortably. How do you know how much cash this means? Simply divide your amount of money by 100 and place 1 point on each wager. So a £200 bank would result in a £2 stake each time. Therefore, you need to have enough to cover 100 individual wagers. This is enough for the value in these bets to become clear.
  • The minimum odds to use here are 7.0. You can use the software’s filter for this. There is no need to manually search for the right odds.
  • The maximum odds are 40.0. The reason for putting on this cap is that you would need a larger bank for bigger odds. Again, the filter will narrow it down for you without any fuss. When you have some experience you can increase this.
  • A minimum rating of 97 needs to be selected. This is another option to be filtered easily enough.
  • You can bet on several horses in each race if you want to. However, you should only put a single wager on each horse. Placing multiple bets on the same house could be more profitable. It would need a larger bank, though. Just look out for different bets coming up for the same race at good odds.
  • There is also a best time for placing your bets. This is between 10am and 2pm each day. You will usually see the best value pop up at this time. If you don’t have a few spare moments at this time it isn’t a big issue. Yet, if you have enough flexibility then it is worth focusing on this period.
  • There are a few bookies that should be avoided. This strategy isn’t suitable for use with Race Bets or Boyle Sports. You are likely to get banned right away after just a few wins off them. These sites are good for casino offers but not for sports betting like this.
  • Don’t worry about how many runners there are in the field. This isn’t going to affect your chances of winning at all. Don’t bother filtering on this information.
  • Start off with 1000 25p each way bets to help you understand the winning and losing runs. This will also give you confidence in system once you have completed a large enough sample of bets.

Each Way No Lay rules

How to Get Started

As we have seen, you can use the Each Way Sniper software to get going. Set the filters to meet the criteria listed above. It only takes a few seconds to set it up in this way.

each way sniper software

You will then get back a list of suitable current bets. You will typically get back quite a few available wagers, to be fair. Go along each one in turn and click on the “Bookie Back” column. This is where it shows you the bookmaker’s odds.

You will then be taken to the betting slip on their site. If you have registered with the bookie then placing the bet takes seconds. You can then go back to the list of suitable horses to choose your next one.

Place a e/w bet on each horse  in the list. Remember to calculate your stakes as mentioned earlier.

bet 365 betslip

It is likely that you see the same horse appear on multiple lines. This is because several bookies could be offering it at a good price. Every instance of a value bet is identified. Always choose the bet with the highest rating as that has the most value.

By following the rules listed above, you will only bet on it once, though. So, you can ignore the other bets where it appears. Use the delete button to clear off the duplicates and avoid confusion. Just bet on the best option for it that you can see.

Don’t worry about seeing the same race several times. As long as different horses are listed, you can go ahead. I tend to limit my bets to 3 per race. But there’s no reason why you can’t do more.

You should then carry on going through the rest of the list. Remember to keep records as you go. A spreadsheet will help you to maintain a clear record of the bets you have placed. You will find one on Each Way Sniper that makes life easier for you.

Each way no lay value betting profit and losee

Lowering the risk

Maybe you are interested in this strategy but would like to lower the risk level a little. Not everyone is comfortable with exactly the same levels of risk. One way of doing this is by tweaking the filters a little.

For instance, you can set the maximum odds to 20. This will help to weed out a few of the bets that are more likely to lose. Naturally, it will also lower your chances of big wins to some degree. However, you might like to try it to keep your losses lower.

Another step to reduce the risk level is to make the minimum rating filter to 100. This will help you gain more value placing less bets. However, doing this doesn’t completely rule out the chance of losing.

We also saw earlier that you can raise the risk level. This can be done by placing several bets on a single horse. You can also look for higher odds if you want to as well. However, neither of these adjustments is recommended.

The filters and rules covered in the previous section are those that are best used. These have been calculated to give you the best balance of risk and possible profit.

How Can I Be Sure Each Way No Laying Works?

You might think that this system sounds too good to be true. How can you be sure that it really works? Might you be really unlucky and lose more than you win?

The key is that you are using value bets. This means that the law of large numbers is on your side. Basically, the more you play the more results will revert to the mean. This isn’t just a guess, it is something that has been proven time and time again.

You might lose your on your first day, of course. It is possible that you lose two or three in a row. This is when some people might lose patience or panic. I’ve written a separate guide on dealing with losing runs here.

However, the value in these bets will work in your favour sooner or later. You just need to keep placing good bets in the right way. Over a large number of bets, you will come out ahead. It is a question of being patient and of consistently sticking to the rules. I’d recommend committing to placing 1000 bets before making any judgements on the system. This is more than enough for winning and losing runs to balance each other out and you being ahead.

This is why you need to start off with a small stake. Running a 1000 bet test at the beginning will let you start off confidently. The value aspect will ensure that you win in the long run.

If you still have doubts then the Profit Maximiser forum discussion will help ease them. You can see how other members have used this strategy. It has earned money for lots of people already. There is no reason to think that it will let you down.

Who Would It Suit?

Is this the right approach for you to use? It is certainly a versatile, flexible approach that suits a lot of people.

As long as you don’t mind the small risk element, it is a good choice. It doesn’t take up a lot of time to place the bets. Neither does it require a huge starting bank. You could test this system with £100 to begin with. You don’t need to know a lot about horses or be technically-minded either.

Anyone can get started easily enough, using the filters to find suitable bets. What you need is enough time and patience to place a lot of bets over time. This is when you will see the value lead to good profits.

Have you placed each way bets with a lay bet before? If so, you could look on this as being the next step. You can also do the same thing but without the lay bet. The benefit in doing this will soon become obvious in your results.

It is a strategy that can be fitted comfortably into any routine. As long as you have time for placing enough bets, you can do it at any time. So, it can suit a student, some who is retired, a full-time worker and so on.

The sort of person it won’t suit is someone who doesn’t have a 100 point starting bank. Equally, if you know you are impatient or get nervous then you probably need something else. Thankfully, there are different strategies for every type of person. If this doesn’t meet your situation then you can do something different easily enough.

For other types of people, this is a very smart strategy. You can get started easily and will soon see positive results. If you want to make money in your spare time it is ideal.

How to get started with Each Way Value System

A good starting point is with a look at the Profit Maximiser forum. This is where you will see a big discussion about it. Seeing how other members have profited will give you the confidence to get started. If it worked for them it will work for you too.

After that, you can use the Each Way Sniper software to find the right bets. Using the filters lets you do this very quickly and easily. Just be sure to use the rules listed above to get the best results. You can’t go wrong in this way.

Each Way Sniper Arbing Software

You can just keep going then. Carry on in the same way and the profits will come. Right now, there are enough suitable bets each day to make it sustainable.

Like every type of betting strategy, it may evolve in the future. We always need to be aware that times change and the bookies look to avoid loopholes. However, for the moment, you can make money in this way very easily.

Take advantage of the Each Way no lay value system while you can. There is money to be picked up with a minimum of fuss. Get started as soon as you can too. This will let you earn as much as possible from it.

Each Way No Lay Value System Conclusion

There is no doubt that this is an exciting each way strategy. If you are looking to make money with a low level of risk then it is a solid choice.

It is perfect for a lot of people. Why not try it and see how it suits your lifestyle and financial expectations?

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