Are You Ready for High Risk Casino Offers?

Are You Ready for High Risk Casino Offers?

There are some terrific casino offers around. With so many sites looking to get you to sign up, there are plenty of bonuses to choose from. These deals give you ways to win money every single week.

Best of all, many of them are low-risk or no-risk. This helps to keep you safe from the possibility of losing money. You can keep on picking up your profits with any cares or worries. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

However, might you end up being tempted by a high risk casino offer? Let’s take a look at what this might involve.

How Do You Get Started?

You don’t want to dive right in with high risk casino offers. This is something that you will want to build up to instead. Therefore, my idea here is to give you a step by step guide to getting going.

The first point to cover is that you need to understand the terminology. This isn’t too difficult, to be honest. But there are a few terms to get to grips with. Until you understand the likes of expected value and wagering requirements you will be missing important information. You can’t hope to make the most of the offers until you are fully informed.

Even more importantly, you need to feel confident about the maths. You can’t expect to make money otherwise. Once you know how it all works, making a profit comes naturally. Trusting the maths comes from doing 1000’s of offers. Ideally these will be risk free / low risk to begin with. That way you can see wins and losses balancing each other out and the value coming through.

Of course, the lower risk offers represent an ideal stepping stone to success.  You can take advantage of them while you build up to the higher risk deals. This means that plotting your progress through these offers isn’t going to be too difficult.

Understand the Expected Value

The first thing to understand is the expected value (EV) of an offer. What exactly is this?

In basic terms, the higher the expected value the better. If you took a large group of people e.g. 100,000 and they all completed the same offer, using the same spin size and slot machine, the expected value would be the average profit across them all. That includes winners and people who lost their deposit.

It can be shown in the following calculation. Estimated value = bonus – (wagering requirements *house edge).

The formula above is only for use when there is no risk of going bust. If busting is possible then it becomes estimated value = bonus – (average wagering *house edge). This is typically used when the wagering requirements are higher. So not everyone is going to be able to complete them.

It might seem complicated at first. However, this is actually a fast and simple way to understand the value of an offer. After time, you will understand right away what this means.

Equally, you want a low probability of busting out (losing your deposit). If this happens then your profit goes up on smoke. You need to balance out these two different sides to the offer. The chance of a good win with a low risk of busting is ideal.

Why Use a Simulator?

As I said earlier, you need to trust the maths. Taking advantage of these deals is all about knowing that good things will happen once you’ve done a large enough sample of offers. It isn’t a shot in the dark. You aren’t gambling here. You are using a mathematically proven way to make money.

Casino bonus ev Calculator

Of course, after a while you will see that it really works. But how can you be sure of this at the start? The easiest approach is to use a simulator. This lets you see the estimated value of playing through an offer numerous times.

You just need to plug in the data. After a minute, you will see the results for thousands of simulations.

This doesn’t mean that the simulator tells you exactly how much you will win. Instead, it lets you see the estimated value by playing through the offer lots and lots of times. This will see your confidence levels start to increase.

Why Work Out the Expected Value?

You might wonder why you need to know the EV. Can’t you just start playing through an offer without this step? You can, but you will be going into it without all the facts.

This calculation lets you see if an offer has value or not. If it’s got no value then you won’t make any money long term. There is just no way of doing this manually.

On the other hand, doing it online is very easy. But what does the end result tell you? The truth is that it tells you a lot.

You can see at a glance how profitable a casino deal might be. This lets you make an informed decision on it. There is no need to rush in blindly anymore. You will know exactly what to expect before you get started.

What Are Advanced Casino Offers?

Low-risk offers are all about winning with little fuss. These are the deals that let you earn money simply. Choose them wisely to keep your profits ticking over.

Sometimes, though, you may want to aim a bit higher. In that case, you could be interested in trying some advanced casino offers. These are deals that crank up the risk levels a little.

Of course, this opens up the possibility of bigger wins. This can take your profits up to the next level.  Yet, there are some points to bear in mind before you get started.

There are also some common misconceptions to address. Before getting started, you will want to fully understand what these deals are all about. This includes clearing up any issues you aren’t sure about.

To start on these deals, you should already be experienced with casino offers. Don’t try them unless you have been playing in casinos for at least a year. If you are just starting there are other ways of making money we will look at in a minute.

You should also be careful not to risk too much money on these higher risk offers. You shouldn’t ever risk more than 1% of your bank on them. It is also worth bearing in mind that you will lose sometimes. Ideally it will be less than 0.5% of your bank.

It isn’t unknown for a player to lose about 20 times in a row. However, you could then recover all of your losses and get a profit on the next offer. Therefore, this is an approach that needs you to be patient and positive. You will win eventually if you stay calm. If you’ve done 100’s of low risk casino offers, you will understand winning & losing runs.

Don’t think that you always need to put in the maximum amount. If you do, then this increases the risk as well as the potential reward. When you feel more comfortable with a lower deposit there is no harm in doing this. It is probably best to start with lower risk offers anyway.

How to Choose an Advanced Casino Offer

You will see a range of offers listed on Profit Maximiser. Pick one of them and then take a look to see where the value comes from. This comes from the bonus money that is being offered by the casino.

high risk casino offers

For example, they may double your deposit. Or they may give you a certain amount for placing bets up to a set value. Each offer comes with certain playthrough requirements. For instance, you might need to play through your winnings 30 or 40 times before withdrawing.

The next step is to see what games you can play using this offer. This is what will show you whether you will make a profit. I have made this easier by giving you details on the best slots to use.

At a glance, you will see the return to player, the expected value and the % chance of going bust. This allows you to understand right away whether it is worth it or not.

Advanced casino bonus

It is clear that a low percentage of going bust is preferable. However, some people misunderstand what this actually means. For example, a % figure of 70% sounds really high. Yet, it isn’t as daunting as it might first appear to be.

In this case, you would go bust 7 times out of 10. It can still be profitable for you overall, though. The amount of expected value will let you see the rewards that can be gained.

How to Make Money from These Casino Offers

Are you going to be able to make money from these advanced deals? The truth is that a lot of it comes down to your bankroll management. If you get this right then there is money to be made.

The key is in taking up as many offers as possible. If you do this then winning and losing runs will even themselves out. If you only use 3 or 4 offers then you might lose on them all. Complete a large sample of 1000 and you should get enough wins to cancel out the losses and make a very healthy profit.

So you need to look after your bankroll. You also need to be consistent and keep going. You might want to start off with a very weekly limit. Bear in mind that 1% maximum mentioned earlier. I’d recommend never risking more than 0.5% ideally.

As with the lower risk offers, you need to look at which games give you the best chance. The estimated value and % possibility of going bust tell you this.

Can You Lower the Risk?

The EV I show is based on £1 spins. You can reduce this to 50p if you want to. This is best done if you reduce the overall amount that you deposit.

Let’s say that the maximum deposit if £100. If you play with the full amount then you can stick to £1 spins. If you want to use £50 then you reduce the spins to 50p. For £25, the spins would go down to 25p.

What effect does this half on the overall figures you see? When you do this, the estimated value is reduced. 50p spins bring it down to half the original amount. 25p spins will reduce it to a quarter.

Despite this, the chance of going bust stay the same. This is because you have reduced the deposit and the spin amount equally. As long as both sides reduce equally, the chance of going bust isn’t affected.

On the other hand, the amount needed for the wagering requirements is lower. 50p spins lower your wagering requirements total by half.

Overall, playing with smaller value spins is worthwhile. You will get less expected value. However, it is still a way of getting started and make money. If you don’t want to commit to bigger amounts it is certainly better than nothing.

How to Get Started with Low-Risk Offers

What if you are just starting and wanting to keep your risk levels low? How will you know how to get started? On my offers calendar, you can select only the low-risk offers.

Low risk casino

This lets you see the full details for the offers with the lowest risk levels. These are still profitable offers. Everyone should start off with these deals to get them going. This will bring in decent profits and help increase your confidence too.

You will see exactly how it works on these deals. As you pick up profits with little risk, it lets you see that this approach really works.

These offers differ from high-risk deals in some important ways. For instance, you might be able to withdraw your deposit and winnings earlier. This would leave just the bonus amount to be played through numerous times.

Using minimum stakes on the qualifying wagering is another good idea here. This is a simple way to reduce the variance levels.

Either way, you really need to work your way through these offers. They offer an easy way to start winning money with little risk.

The next step is to understand when to move onto higher risk deals. Understanding when to switch over is a crucial part of this.

When to Move on to High Risk Offers?

As I mentioned earlier, you should have a years’ casino experience to start on the higher risk offers. Why is that the case? Perhaps you will be really keen to get going before this. It isn’t too difficult, after all.

Perhaps the most important point is that you need to trust the maths. Sure, you will lose sometimes. But when you complete a large enough sample of offers, you will then recover your losses and make a profit on top.

Using the low risk offers lets you see this in action. You will start to trust the maths as you win. This means that you can then take on higher risk deals with no fear.

On the other hand, what if you start on high-risk offers? You might start to worry about losing a few times in a row. This could lead to you giving up before getting any of the benefits.

With so many casinos around, there is no shortage of offers out there. Don’t rush into the higher risk deals too soon. It makes sense to get the low-hanging fruit first of all. You can make a lot of money with no hassle in this way.

Another benefit is that you can build up your bankroll. As we have seen, you shouldn’t risk any more than 1% of your bank on high risk casino offers. You might find that you don’t have enough cash for this at the start.

After a year of easy pickings, you will have a bigger bankroll. This should make it easier to put 1% of it into higher risk casino offers. You can take a chance on bigger rewards far more comfortably with a big bank behind you.

So, Why Move to High-Risk Casino Offers?

It should be clear by now that casino offers are very profitable. This is the kind of money-making idea everyone should try.

Yet, you may still wonder why you need to move to high-risk deals. Is it an option to just carry on with the lower risk offers?

You certainly shouldn’t move on until you are ready to do so. One sign of this is that you are running low on profitable offers. To be fair, there are plenty of low-risk deals around. Having said that, you might run out of these deals at some point.

The main benefit of high risk casino is a higher estimated value. Low risk offers may be worth £2 – £5 each. High risk casino offers are worth £15 – £40 each. Using high risk offers, you make a lot per profit per hour compared to lower risk. Obviously this is dependent on you completing a large enough sample of offers.

Once you have been using casino offers for a year you can broaden your scope. The more offers you can pick from the better. Don’t restrict your possibilities when there are so many bonuses out there.

You can also increase your earnings with these offers. As we saw earlier, the volatility levels will increase. However, you should expect to win more overall.


Moving on to high-risk casino offers is a natural progression. After you have been profiting from lower risk deals for a year you will be ready to move on.

This will open up a whole new world of opportunities. Just be sure to approach it in the sensible way we have looked at here.  If you do this then you can look forward to some healthy profits.

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