Best Way to Build Your Bankroll from Scratch

Best Way to Build Your Bankroll from Scratch

One of the keys to successful matched betting is in how you build your bankroll. This is what will allow you to place bets more regularly and confidently. On the other hand, a lack of cash will restrict your opportunities.

Therefore, it makes sense to look at how to do this the correct way. You want to find a way to earn winnings regularly. This will mean that your bankroll steadily grows if you don’t touch it.

Over time, you will aim to grow your bankroll by winning over and over again. However, you may worry about how difficult it will be to start from scratch. The good news is that this is something that can be done with patience and a smart system.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know. To start with, why is a solid bankroll so important? And how much do you need to have?

Your Goal Is to Build up a £2,000 Bankroll

The first major issue is around the amount of money that you need. To understand the answer, we need to look at why you need to build a bankroll.


It is important to have a bankroll of a decent size for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important is that it lets you make more money from matched betting. This is because you can take part in more offers.

The idea is simple, really. The more offers you take part in the bigger your potential winnings. Having a good size of bankroll lets you do this far more effectively. You don’t need to restrict your betting due to a lack of available cash.

Instead, you can take up all available offers. This makes a huge difference to your earning potential. You can enjoy more deals when you have the money that you need.

Let’s say that you have a 2 x £20 free bets this week. You might need to place £100 in bets to activate them. If you don’t have that much then at least one slips through your hands. This is a chance to earn money that is now gone.

How much should you be aiming for? Well, £2,000 is a sensible target to aim for. It might seem like a lot of money to build up but it can be done. Don’t forget that you only put in a small part at the start. The rest comes from your ongoing winnings.

After that, you want to carry on increasing the figure. The more bets you make, the faster the bankroll grows. Provided that you do it right, of course. Since you don’t take risks at the start, the amount should keep on rising.

So don’t feel overwhelmed by the size of the bankroll that you need. Look on it as something to aspire to over time. You can still get started with a lot less than this if you have to. If you want to make things easier then consider setting targets along the way. These could be at £500 intervals before you reach the overall goal.

This brings us neatly onto the next point. Are you worried that you might not have enough to get started with? Perhaps you think that you need to save up before starting out. The good news is that you can begin with a modest bankroll.

How Much to Start With?

Let’s imagine that you are looking into matched betting for the first time. One of your first questions is likely to be around how much money you need. Do you have enough to start to build a bankroll? We just saw that you should build up to £2,000 but how low can you start?

There is no hard and fast figure to take into account here. People start matched betting with very different sums of money. You certainly shouldn’t feel put off because you don’t have as much as you would like. After all, you will be winning and increasing your cash over time.

So, it is fine to get started with a relatively £100. You can then set yourself the target of building up to the £2,000 figure mentioned earlier. There is no need to wait until you have this much before starting.

To be fair, £100 is enough to begin with. You can get going with this amount and build it up over time. If you can start with more then you will make more profit in a shorter amount of time. This will let you progress through the steps faster.

It is really down to each person to consider their possibilities. Are you happy to start on a lower bankroll? This will mean a bit more effort on your part. It will be more time-consuming but the end result will be hugely satisfying.

If you want to earn more quickly it might make sense to wait while you save. You can then start with more money and earn more easily. Otherwise, just build the bankroll as you play.

Start with Bookmaker New Account Bonuses

Once you have enough to get started, the fun really starts. You can now start placing bets. Which means winning money. This is where things can start moving quickly as you begin to make money.


The next step is to work out which types of bets to place to build your bankroll. How can you make money in a way that suits you?

The smartest move is to take advantage of bookmakers’ new account bonuses. These deals offer an easy way to pick up your early profits. If you are new to betting then you will have tons of deals to work through.

Bet365 new account offer

You should be looking to earn between £500 and £1,000 in this way. Of course, it all comes down to how many accounts you open. Open as many as you have time to use. Most of the big bookmakers have offers of this type.

This approach lets you start to see clear profits quickly. By squeezing the maximum value out of the offers, you can begin to see your funds rise. It is an easy, enjoyable way to start out.

It is clear that new account bonuses won’t last you forever. At some point you will run out of deals. This is fine. It’s not the end of the world when you run out of new account offers. This is because there are other ways to make money with matched betting.

Casino New Account Bonuses

Bookies aren’t the only ones that offer deals to newcomers. Casinos also have a range of juicy welcome bonuses. With so many online casinos to choose from, there are rich pickings to be had. Work your way through them one by one.

This is another solid option for the early days. Some casinos offer very generous bonuses for new players who sign up. You can win with little risk if you find the right deals. You could get your deposit multiplied. Or you might get free spins on a slot game.

Use casino bonuses on gubbed accounts

It is important to only use low risk casino bonuses as you build your bankroll. This means focusing on those offers that keep your risk levels at an absolute minimum. You aren’t yet at the stage of taking any chances.

For example, you might want to look at bonuses with very low wagering requirements. The lower this figure is, the greater your chances are of withdrawing some winnings. Alternatively, a high wagering requirement will make it very difficult to walk away with some cash.

This isn’t the time for taking unnecessary risks as you build a bankroll up. Instead, you should be looking to earn money safely and regularly. You can soon see the rewards if you do this well.

Risk-Free Ongoing Offers

Of course, these new account offers can only take you so far. Eventually, you will run out of these deals to use. You will end up with open accounts with all the bookmakers and casinos. This is when you need to find fresh new ways of building your bankroll.

There are plenty of risk-free casino refunds and bookie offers out there. This may take the shape of a free £10 bet when you bet £10. You may also get free spins or a cashback offer.

boyle sports

Basically, anything that lets you bet with no risk is worth taking advantage of. By now you will have a higher bankroll. But it is still a good time to avoid any risks. You want to keep on working to build a bankroll that reaches £2,000 with no fuss.

You can find these offers under the Profit Maximiser calendar. Do this by selecting risk-free sports and casino deals. These offers are going to be your mainstay from now on. However, in the next point we will also look at the benefits of taking a few more risks.

Profit Maximiser calendar

Introducing a Small Amount of Risk

So far, you have focused on making money with risk-free stuff. This is perfect for building a bankroll quite quickly. Yet, it isn’t something that you can keep doing forever.

There simply aren’t enough risk-free options to keep you satisfied for long. This is why you should look to gradually introduce a small amount of risk. Do this wisely and you can keep on winning money for longer.

This doesn’t mean that you should take too many risks, though. The general idea behind matched betting remains the same. That means winning money with as little risk as possible.

You should never risk more than about 1% of your bankroll on any offer. Doing this will help you to keep on claiming big wins regularly. You just need to be sensible about it.

This is part of the reason why reaching £2,000 is so important. Having a bankroll of this size gives you added flexibility. Losing occasionally isn’t going to be a disaster. Having said that, you don’t want it to become a habit either.

Ongoing Offers

You need to keep on picking up ongoing offers. This is what is going to make you good profits over time. This is your secret to always having something to make money from. So what kind of offer should you be looking out for?

This category includes a number of kinds of deal. Sports refunds and low risk casino offers are two of the most popular. But don’t feel that you need to be restricted to these offers.

You should also take into account any offers that you receive by email. These mails can give you some terrific money-making ideas. Try to take the time to look through your new email offers each day. Just look at how many different offers are posted on Profit Maximiser each week.

PM calendar

You can find more details on this in my £500 per month club. This is a sustainable way to keep on earning good amounts every single month. You don’t need to limit your monthly earnings to £500 either. It all comes down to the amount of time you dedicate to it.

Of course, you may have to change your strategy over time. As the bookies and casinos update their offers, you need to evolve too. So you should always be open to new ideas and techniques.

It is also worth pointing out that the more variety you have the better. This will keep matched betting interesting for you. It will also ensure that you aren’t too badly affected if a certain type of deal disappears.

How Long Will It Take?

So far, we have seen that getting a £2,000 bankroll is ideal. We have also covered the different ways of doing this. This probably leaves one big question in your mind. How long will it take to do this?

You will want to build a bankroll of £2,000 as quickly as you can. However, this isn’t something that you should rush through. It will take some patience on your part to gradually get there.

So how long should it take you to do this? The typical amount of time needed is between 3 and 5 months. Yet, this will vary depending upon several factors.

For example, how many accounts do you have registered with bookmakers and casinos? This will directly affect how much you can win. The greater your number of accounts, the more offers you can take up.

Then there is the effort you put in to take into account. This isn’t a particularly difficult way to make money. However, you definitely still need to put in the required time. If you struggle to do this then it will take you longer.

This largely comes down to putting a system in place. When does it best suit you to carry out matched betting? Some people do this on a full-time basis while others just do it in their spare time. Look for an approach that suits your lifestyle.

Once you get started it should become clear how quickly you can earn money. This will let you work out when you can expect to build the bankroll levels to £2,000. Don’t take any chances by rushing, though. At this stage, it is best to be safe and steady.

What Should I Do When I’ve Got My £2K Bankroll?

It is sure to be a fantastic feeling when you reach your £2,000 bankroll. This is a sign that you have done a great job. You have gradually built up your winnings over time. The big question to ask yourself is what you should do now.

Can you relax now that you have earned what you had in mind? Or is it time to start working harder to earn even more? You need to be clear at this point about how you plan to proceed.

With a bankroll of over £2,000 it can be tempting to withdraw some cash to spend it. This is entirely your decision, of course. You might feel the need to use your winnings at this point. Perhaps you have some urgent bills to pay right now.

On the other hand, it makes a lot more sense to avoid taking it out. If you can keep your bankroll intact this will help you in the long run. You will find it easier to make ongoing profits in this way.

Remember that a healthy bankroll is part of the secret to your ongoing success. My £500 per month club lets you earn a good sum every single month.

If you simply have to take out some money what happens next? Well, you need to build your bankroll again. Naturally, it may now be more difficult. This is because you will have fewer new customer bonuses to pick up.

Conclusion: Money Makes Money

There is no denying that matched betting has been good for a lot of people. Like most things in life, it requires a degree of effort. Getting started is the bit where you are most likely to give up.

The idea of how to build a bankroll is one of the first concepts to get to grips with. Once you understand the importance of a good bankroll everything falls in place.

Ultimately, it can be said that money makes money. As your cash grows, so will your chances of making more. It is certainly worth the effort to build a bankroll that gives you a solid base.

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Your advice in this field is ‘second to none’ Mike… you taught me how to do this many years ago…
I keep a £2k betting bank and take the profits every month… As you have often said, “the more offers you do, the more you will make”… it’s true… and a £2k bank gives you most of the sports offers…

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