Betfair Scalper Review – Does it work?

Betfair Scalper Review

In this post, I will go through a Betfair Scalper review and explore if the strategy is really profitable in the long run. The whole course is over 10 hours long. The content includes basic strategies, as well as techniques for advanced Betfair scalping. It is designed for horse racing, as there are tons of opportunities on a daily basis.

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What Is Betfair Scalping?

Before I start talking about the service itself, it’s probably best to explain what Betfair scalping is. A lot of you have probably heard about it. The strategy relies on taking small profits on markets with a high liquidity with a very small risk.

You can do that by offering a backing price that is just a tick or two lower than the market price and then taking the better lay price. The difference between the two is where your profits come from.

I’ll give you an example, so you understand better. You decide to try scalping on one of the many horse races in the United Kingdom. There is solid liquidity on Betfair, with plenty of people active on the market.

The back price for a Sparkalot is 2.46. You offer £100 at odds 2.5 and get matched thanks to the huge liquidity. You then manage to lay the same horse for £100 at odds 2.44 and the difference is enough to bring you a £5.70 profit if Sparkalot wins the race and break even if any other horse wins. This is Betfair scalping in a nutshell.

betfair scalper review example

While it sounds easy, the whole process is rather complex and you probably won’t be able to do it on your own.

The Betfair Scalper

People have been using the scalping tactic on Betfair ever since the betting exchange was born. As you could expect, there have been many variations of the technique and plenty of strategies born out of it. One of them is offered by the Betfair Scalper team. I’ll be covering how well it works in this Betfair Scalper review.

The Service in General

Simply put, the guys there are offering the know-how of their Betfair scalping systems on horse racing. They have prepared videos, articles, and all kinds of training tools designed to explain how the whole thing works.

What I liked about their approach is that it’s not targeting seasonal professionals only. The whole Betfair Scalper content starts with plenty of training materials for beginners. You will learn how to work with the betting exchange, explore the races, and markets.

You will be also taught how to place your bets and everything you need to know about Betfair and scalping. This is a nice way to make it easy for even the average Joe.

Once you have a decent idea how the whole the whole concept works, you will be given access to some next level videos and tutorials. They go much deeper and show you more details about the approach of the Betfair Scalper team.

Finally, you will see plenty of live trades by real people that will show you examples of what to do. Such a gradual approach is smart, as it allows all kinds of users to actually get value from the Betfair Scalper.

What You Will Learn

Ok, so obviously the Betfair Scalper provides access to plenty of content and it’s created for all kinds of people. But what exactly can you learn from it? I believe the best way to show you would be to create a short list:

  • What is Betfair and how the exchange works? – this one is quite self-explanatory and is designed to help newbies;
  • What is scalping? – a basic explanation of Betfair scalping;
  • How to pick suitable races? – a guide on how to identify horse races where the will be potential for profitable scalping;
  • How to execute? – this is the essence of the course, as you will learn how to properly execute the whole scalping strategy;
  • Other – since there are over 10 hours of materials, you will actually find a lot of other stuff that can be useful.

Also, you will be in touch with the whole Betfair Scalper community and this provides even more value. You can discuss new ideas with other members, ask questions, or post your videos and look for help with any issues you might have.

Betfair Scalper Review Evaluation

You now have a rather solid idea what to expect from the Betfair Scalper – a complete guide with examples, videos, tutorials, and access to a whole community of people who have been using the strategy for ages.

It’s now time to evaluate the service from all possible angles, so you have a solid idea what to expect:

Profit Potential

Since most of you care about the profits first, this is where I decided to start. I believe the Betfair Scalper certainly has the potential to bring you money. I’ve tried scalping myself and have managed to have success with the strategy.

You will be able to find a lot of opportunities on a daily basis which is even better. Simply put, the Betfair Scalper works and can help you win money. This is confirmed by pretty much everyone I know and has used the system too.

Is It Hard to Make Money With The System?

Having the tools and knowledge to profit from a betting system is one thing. Actually doing it on a regular basis is something else completely. This is why I decided to try and put myself in the shoes of a potential bettor that is not an experienced pro and see the potential difficulties.

As you probably know very well, everything in this life requires effort and commitment. The Betfair Scalper is not an exception. You won’t make it, if you just expect to place a bet every once in a while and simply collect the profits. I’ve written a post previously on proven Betfair strategies that work.

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It takes time

For a start, you will have to spend enough time for the system to work. The idea is to be active for at least an hour or two every single day. This will give you the chance to find enough opportunities and take advantage of them. If you can’t do that, you won’t be making money.

Of course, you can make up for that by placing larger stakes. However, this increases both the risk and the variance of the system. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Experience and automation

The next thing you need to know is that not everyone can start instantly using the tricks provided by the Betfair Scalper. For a start, you need to do some trading first. Of course, the whole idea of the training course is to save you time and give the experience of other people.

While it does that well, you can start from scratch. Complete some trades with small amounts until you get the hang of it. Don’t instantly dive deep, if you don’t have at least some experience with Betfair and scalping.

Also, you will have to use some automation software. Timing is everything and the ability to react instantly is crucial for scalping to work. You can’t count on yourself only, you must use automated software.

It will help you instantly close the deals, as soon as the right price is there. You simply can’t make it work without that. Also, forget about your phone or tablet, you will have to use a computer if you want to be successful with the Betfair Scalper.

Main risks

As most trading strategies, there is some risk involved when it comes to scalping. After all, the main idea is for the market and odds to move, so you can take advantage. If it doesn’t happen, you’re screwed.

Fortunately, the good selection of events should solve this. If you pick the right races and your timing is right, you will be able to close most races with a decent profit. Even the losing once should be more than acceptable.

The Scalper will give you enough instructions how to achieve that. However, it takes discipline and you will have to stay focused to avoid any major risks.

Another important tip would be to close all deals before the event has started, no exception. Some people are tempted to leave some wagers open, because they can’t get the price they wanted. This is not part of the plan, so avoid it at all costs.

Take the losses and move on to the next race. There are tons of them and you shouldn’t expect to go out in a profit every single time.

Bankroll management

The proper bankroll management is essential to your success in any system that comes with some level of risk. The good news about the Betfair Scalper is that the variance is rather low if you are doing it right.

Still, I recommend you to scale your bet sizes gradually for a couple of reasons. The obvious one is that the bigger your stake, the more is at risk. On top of that, there is an option for you to fail in finding enough volume to match your bet. Obviously, the risk grows bigger with the amount you place, so you have to be careful.

Betfair Scalper Review Conclusion

After exploring the Betfair Scalper service, I can firmly confirm there’s a lot of potential there. It will help you understand how scalping works and how to start making money from horse racing on a daily basis.

However, this is not a walk in the park. You should be careful and prepared to put some effort. This is especially true for people who don’t have experience with Betfair scalping. The system will save you a lot of time, but won’t make you an instant winner. Take your time and learn before investing your hard-earned cash. That concludes my Betfair Scalper Review.

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