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Each Way Sniper Updates

Each Way Sniper updates

Each Way Sniper Update I’ve added a TBP (to be placed) option on Each Way Sniper. Click Extra places then select TBP option. This will compare the bookmakers extra places with the Betfair TBP markets. E.g. bookie paying 5 places, Betfair TBP market 5 places. This will work as a straight EW arb / value punt only. You won’t make any extra profit if the horse finishes in the extra place. Since a lot of bookies have gone 1/5 odds…

Each Way Sniper Advantage Play

Each Way Sniper value system

Each Way Sniper Advantage Play Option I’ve added a new filter to Each Way Sniper called Advantage Play. What this new option does is remove commission from the rating figure. As you are laying in 2 separate markets (the win & place) you are liable to pay 5% commission in both. This soon mounts up. If you place the same bets without laying you still collect the same amount of value however you aren’t paying any exchange commission meaning you…