Each Way Sniper Updates

Each Way Sniper Update

I’ve added a TBP (to be placed) option on Each Way Sniper.

Click Extra places then select TBP option.

each way sniper to be placed

This will compare the bookmakers extra places with the Betfair TBP markets. E.g. bookie paying 5 places, Betfair TBP market 5 places.

This will work as a straight EW arb / value punt only. You won’t make any extra profit if the horse finishes in the extra place.

Since a lot of bookies have gone 1/5 odds on extra places, it’s harder to spot the value. Using this allows you to instantly spot the value (anything with a rating above 100).

The only downside if laying the bets off is some bookies won’t pay extra places on gubbers.

If you see any, let me know and I’ll remove them from the TBP option So far the results have been good, there has been lots of extra EW value bets showing.

You should see this as a positive. Instead of hoping to hit the extra place, you can lock in a profit straight away.

each way arbs

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hi mike just wondering why my ews automated betting wont log anything on and hasnt for the last 2 days?
many thanks

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