Betfair Alliance Software

Betfair Alliance Software

You can now place your Betfair lay bets from within the Matched Betting software from your Profit Maximiser and Betting Mastermind accounts.

The Betfair API team have approved this application.


1) On filter 1 turn off the other exchanges so only Betfair shows.

2) Click the info (i) button followed by calculator.

3) Enter the back stake you want to place with the bookmaker, then place your bookmaker bet first.

4) When you are ready to place the lay bet, click the place bet button. A pop up with the bet information will come up. If you are happy, click green place bet button.

5) You will be required to log in to Betfair. Click login and you are redirected to the Betfair website to securely enter your login details.

6) When you have done that, you are redirected to Profit Maximiser. Click the retry button and the bet will be placed.

7) If the bet is matched ok, it will say “The bet has been placed”.

8) You can carry on placing bets through the software. Once you are finished, open the calculator and click the log out button. This means you can’t place any further bets until you login.

Fire or Kill system

The software operates a ‘fire or kill’ system. This means a bet will only be submitted if the full amount can be matched. If it can’t then the bet won’t be placed, a message will come up saying no liquidity.

If this happens, open the info button and go directly over to Betfair and place your bets.

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This brand new update is available for all Profit Maximiser and Betting Mastermind users. Click here to trial the Betfair Alliance software.

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