EV Maximiser Cash Before Bonus Offers

EV Maximiser – Cash Before Bonus Offers

What are cash before bonus offers?

If you have a large win with your money you can withdraw. If you lose your deposit then you start playing with the bonus money. The wagering requirements don’t start until you are playing with the bonus.

How do I use them?

Make a deposit to the casino and they will credit the bonus. The target is to double your initial deposit and then withdraw. E.g. deposit £50 and if your balance goes above £100 forfeit the bonus and withdraw. If you lose the deposit then try to complete the wagering requirements with the bonus.

You can increase the EV by using larger spins with your own money. Just make sure that if you dip in to the bonus you aren’t breaking the casinos maximum bet amount.

How to work out the EV using EV Maximiser?

  1. First work out the value of the bonus.- Click the cashbable bonus option.
    – Deposit amount 0.
    – Enter the bonus amount.
    – Enter the wagering requirements.
    – Enter your spin size.
    – Run simulator and write down the EV figure.
  2. Next work out the bonus before cash EV.- Click the cashback option.
    – Enter deposit amount.
    – Enter the EV figure you worked out in step 1 as the cashback amount.
    – Balance target is double the deposit amount.
    – Enter your spin size.
    – Run simulator.That will give you the correct estimated value figure for cash before bonus offers.
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Mike do you have any idea why the EV increases if we increase the balance target? I understand why a higher bet size increases EV but the balance target is one I can’t work out

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