Who Are the Best Golf Betting Tipsters?

Who Are the Best Golf Betting Tipsters?

Golf is a great sport for playing and watching. But can it also be a good choice for betting on? With so many players capable of winning each tournament, it isn’t the easiest sport to bet on. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. Finding the best golf tipsters could help you to win more often.

Which sites should you be looking at? The truth is that there are some excellent choices right now.

We will look at some of the top names in a moment. First of all, here are some of the main things to bear in mind when betting on golf.

Why Bet on Golf?

There are plenty of reasons for betting on golf. Maybe you just love the sport. Or perhaps you feel that you have good knowledge of the players. It can add excitement when you watch a tournament.

golf betting system

What about the chance of making a profit? Well, there are often players at big odds. And it certainly isn’t unknown for an outsider to win a tournament. If you get it right, you could win a lot of money.

It isn’t as competitive a market as football betting. So you have fewer options to choose from. But some of them regularly return good profits.

Each way betting makes sense in golf. After all, it is incredibly tough to predict the outright winner. It becomes a bit easier when you choose someone to finish in a place.

Why Choose a Golf Betting Tipster?

Betting on golf is easy to do but difficult to get right. In a tournament like the British Open, over 150 players take part. Among them are the world’s best players, any one of who is capable of winning.

You can probably also remember some famous victories by outsiders. It isn’t as easy as, say, football. There are far more possible winners to take into account. You might also find special bets. These include one player vs another. Or a selection of players vs the field. These are good ways to increase the chance of winning. The odds won’t be as good as on a straight winner, though.

Of course, an expert will know who the course suits. They will know who is in form and who is struggling. They will also take into account the players’ records at this course and tournament. All of this information lets them make an informed choice.

Many tipsters will look for value on this basis. Is a certain golfer over-priced? Have the bookies judged the market well enough. Bookmakers have to put odds on many different players. So they won’t always get it right either. They might neglect to take something important into account.

A good tipster can’t guarantee profits. They can only point to their track record as a sign of their expertise. Expect them to lose a lot of bets too. The main thing is that there is a clear pattern of profits there.

In this respect, it is like any type of sports betting. The more you know the better your chances of winning. But you can never be 100% certain that your pick will win. So let’s take a look at few of the best options when it comes to golf tipsters.

Mike Cruickshank Golf Betting System

This isn’t the best golf tipsters site in the conventional sense. Rather, it gives you a way of generating value bets that give you an edge. How does this work? It is very similar to each way arbitrage on sports like football or horses. It looks to exploit a loophole with bookie prices on each way betting.

Basically, you are looking for value each way bets. They need to offer more for the place than the odds for that player winning suggest. This guide covers how it works in more detail.

So, your bet will pay out if they win the whole thing. But it will also pay if they finish in one of the other top places. You only lose if they finish further down the leader board. As mentioned earlier, this makes sense in golf betting.

You are giving yourself a far better chance of winning something. Remember that predicting the outright winner is incredibly difficult in golf. With this approach, you will earn more for doing this. But you will also cover yourself with the each way aspect.

As you can imagine, it is a tactic that only works when the odds stack up. This is why you need an excellent strategy. The golf betting system proposed here takes you through things step by step. You then use a simple each way calculator to work out if a bet is worth it.

Depending upon the numbers, you might want to lay off the bet. But it can also be done without a lay bet if you prefer. It is a good choice if you want to lower the risk of betting. With so many entrants in major tournaments, it helps you to narrow the field considerably.

You don’t need to be a golf expert to use this method. Just learn how to understand the numbers and you will place smarter bets. It is a lot easier than trying to do it manually.

The Golf Insider

This is one of the best golf betting tipsters. It is run by a golf expert who has been giving tips on the sport for several years. The latest reviews suggest that he has earned a profit of over 700 points since 2014. An ROI% of over 28% in this period is certainly impressive.

Golf Insider tipster

How does he work? The site says that he uses a complicated set of algorithms. The Golf Insider is also said to have extensive contacts in the game. He uses his knowledge to work out the correct odds on each player. Of course, this only works if he is more accurate than the bookies. Which is a tall order.

It isn’t clear who the person behind the site is. However, we know that he joined forces with betting market expert Matthew Walton. It is Matthew who runs the site.

The tipster services have been proofed by third parties. And the numbers seem to stack up. It is suggested that you are best using a level stakes plan with this tipster. He seems to send out plenty of tips each month too.

At the time of writing, the Golf Insider Tournament Winners service costs £37.00+VAT for 30 days. They also mention a 30-day money back guarantee and annual subscription rates. He certainly gets a lot of long-odds winners right, it seems. But tipsters will also get stuff wrong too.

Betting Bias

This is a wide-ranging sports betting site that has been going since 2010. It covers sports like football, horse racing, tennis and rugby. A look at the golf section shows us a list of the recent tips and articles.

We get a fairly detailed analysis of their top picks. This means that you can see why each golfer is chosen. It is a nice approach. But it doesn’t seem to take advantage of any loopholes. So, you can probably expect to win some and lose some.

The tips are free. And independent reviews suggest that they have a decent track record. However, most reviews focus on their tips for other sports. It is difficult to say how successful you would be with their golf tips.

It is difficult to earn money consistently with free tips. This applies in any sport. Simply put, if the tips were really profitable they would probably charge for them. However, this is one of the best free options around.

It seems that this service might be best used together with another. Their analysis and look at the current odds could help you to make a decision. But you might not be convinced enough to blindly follow their tips.

Personally, I would recommend looking through the tips here before making bets. This will let you use their information in your betting process. But I’m not so sure that just following their tips would be particularly profitable.

Sporting Life Golf (Ben Coley)

Sporting Life is a popular publication that covers lots of sports. They have a golf section, but what is it like for tips? Ben Coley is their main man and he writes excellent previews of big tournaments. He is also a highly profitable tipster.

Sporting Life Golf Tipster

For instance, at the time of writing, he has covered the 2020 USA PGA Championship. At the start of the article, you can see his each way tips. He mentions 6 players and the number of points he suggests putting on them.

There is then a long article analysing the main contenders. He is clearly an expert on the sport and makes a lot of good points. This is the sort of betting service where you can just stick money on his picks if you prefer. He always offers sensible tips that are well researched. It is clear that Ben puts a huge amount of effort into his tips.

But, you could also use it more like educational content. You will find out a lot about the current form and historical factors. This means that you can learn more about each tournament’s favourites.

Therefore, it makes sense if you want to learn about the tournaments. You can then look at his tips and see if you agree with him on one or more of them. On this basis, who does it suit? Probably someone who loves golf and wants to become an expert. But it is also a decent choice for someone looking to follow easy tips.

I saw him noted as the most profitable golf tipster in 2020. According to Betting Kingdom, Ben has earned £3,625 to date. This is based on £10 per point. Those are great figures and it will be interesting to see how he ends the year.

OLBG Golf Tipsters

The OLBG site provides free tips on different sports. Their golf section typically covers the most popular, high-profile tournaments.

OLBG logo

The site points out that they have 25 tipsters with level stakes profits. This figure is from the start of 2020. In addition, their top 6 tipsters have profits of over 30 points.

You start by choosing an event. At the time of this research, the Ryder Cup is at the top of the list. I can see that 7 out of 9 tipsters picked Europe to win. 1 picked the USA and the other went for a tie. Below this summary, you can read more about the tournament.

For the US Open, most tipsters have opted for Tiger Woods. But it would be nice to see some more comments from them. A few tipsters don’t say anything. Others just put some short comments beside their selections.

The information isn’t really as in-depth as what we have seen on some other sites. But it is good to see how many tipsters choose each option. You can also look at the site’s top tipsters list, although there are few golf experts on it.

SJP Golf Tips

This highly thought of tipster can be seen on Sports Betting Stars. He is also active on Twitter. How do his results stack up?

To be fair, his results are good so far. He is said to have a 45 point profit per month. And on 4 different months he got over 100 points. He gave his first tips out at the start of 2015. Since then, he has a profit of more than £10,000 from £10 bets.

He was second in that list of 2020’s best golf tipsters mentioned earlier. With £435 profit, he was quite far being Ben Coley.

SJP sends tips to your inbox. So all you need to do is follow the instructions. The first 14 days of the service are free. After that, it costs £29.99 each month. You can also pay £79.99 a quarter or £299.99 for a full year.

His record is very good, but the service is expensive. A look back at his full results is interesting. There are very few negative months. This is good news, but you could still lose money. It is a risk with any type of tipster.

This seems like an option for someone looking for an easy approach. You just need to look out for his emails. You also need a decent bank to cope with any losing bets.

The Golf Profiteer

This is the resident golf expert on Tipster Street. He looks at US and European tour events. His tips are based on 2 points, with 1 point each way. Anyone who signs up gets an average of 8 tips each week.

So far so good, what are his results like? The details on Tipster Street give a £2,903 profit since January 2020. The strike rate is 12.34% and the ROI is 7.13%. He recommends that you start with a bank of £500. The recommended stake per point is £10.

The Golf Profiteer turns an overall profit. But not all of his months are profitable. You can expect a bit of an up and down performance with him. His best month was +87.52 and his worst was a loss of 52.33 points.

The monthly cost is £10, although the first month is just £2. You can also pay £25 a quarter or £85 for a full year of the service.

Which One Should You Choose?

As we have seen, there are various factors to take into account. We can’t simply compare one tipster to another. They each have different approaches. So it more about choosing the method that you prefer.

Do you prefer to just get a straight tip? Or would you like to get all of the information you need to make a decision? Another alternative is to look for loopholes that let you get value bets.

The truth is that everyone needs to make their own choice. This is why each of these services is popular. There are enough people out there who want to try each approach.

Of course, there are other golf tipsters out there too. It isn’t as crowded a market as football or horse racing. Yet, you will find a decent selection of them online. As with any sport, most tipsters won’t earn you much profit.

However, the average profits in golf are very reasonable. Could it be that there is a higher percentage of experts in this sport? There are certainly fewer unreliable sites than in football or horse racing, it seems.

Best Golf Betting Tipsters Summary

Do you want to give golf betting a try? If you do, the tipsters we have looked at here could help you to do so. They each offer interesting ways of doing this. This will let you choose the approach that suits your needs and personality. Often the best golf tipsters are free.

If you enjoy golf, betting will add to the pleasure. Just ask yourself a question first of all. Is getting a profit the most important thing? Or do you just want to add an extra edge to watching the action? On the basis of this point, you can work out which one to go with.

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