The best paid tipsters that bring BIG profits

The best paid tipsters that bring BIG profits

You have probably heard about tipsters before. Would you now like to know whether using their services could be the key to winning more off the bookies? First of all, what is a tipster and what do they do anyway? In this guide I’ll be talking about the best paid tipsters.

A tipster is a person who gives expert tips to other punters. The idea is that their expertise and experience helps bettors with less experience to win. They offer advice on what to bet on in horse racing, football and other sports.

For a long time, this was the only way to get any sort of advantage over the bookie. Getting hold of information from an expert was seen as being vital. Their tips used to appear in daily newspapers but many now advertise them online.

Tipsters have undoubtedly helped many gamblers to win over the years. The best of them have excellent knowledge and a great instinct for the best bets.

However, I have to say that it isn’t my preferred method of betting. While tipsters can increase your chances, the advantage over the bookies isn’t solid enough. Tipsters can still be wrong and unexpected outcomes can happen.

On the other hand, matched betting uses mathematical based strategies. This gives you an unfair advantage that you can hang your hat on. In this way, you know you are going to win before the action even begins.

Having said that, some people still like to use tipsters. You can even use both approaches together if you like. There is nothing to stop you placing bets like this in addition to matched betting strategies.

So, what do you need to know about this approach to betting? Also, which of the best paid tipsters should you use and how can you avoid scams?

Before I start talking about the best paid tipsters…

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How Do Online Tipsters Work?

Online tipsters give you their expert opinion on what to bet on. They are most popular in horse racing but they can also deal with football, golf or any other type of sport.

The idea, as with any type of tipster, is to use their knowledge. In theory, you don’t need to know anything about the event. All that you need to do is follow their betting advice and bet on what they recommend.

With online tipster sites, you will typically receive a daily email with the day’s best tips. There may be some days when you are tempted by a number of tips. Other days there may be nothing that interests you at all.

The majority of these sites offer a two tier service. You can either get free tips or pay for a premium service. The free service will obviously be more limited.

They will also usually have a blog or newsletter with lots of sports news on it. This means that you can enjoy reading some news and views on your favourite sports too.

It can have the feel of a sports club. Usually they have a light-hearted, fun feel to them to make them enjoyable to read.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect is the quality of the tips they provide. Expect to be able to see details of how well each tipster has done in the past. If they have a terrific record then this will give you confidence.

The Differences Between Tipster Services and Matched Betting

As mentioned earlier, I prefer matched betting to tipster services. However, you might wonder what the difference between them really is. Do they have a lot of ideas in common or not?

The truth is that there is a world of difference between these two approaches. With tipster services you are placing a normal bet. This could win or lose. There is no guarantee of success.

The only difference between this and regular betting is that someone else suggests what you bet on. Your chances of winning come down to how accurate the tipster is. Other than that, it is just like placing any other bet, with an uncertain outcome.

When it comes to matched betting, there is no risk of losing .This is because it isn’t a normal bet. You take all the risk out of it so it isn’t even fair to call it gambling anymore.

Matched betting is all about using mathematical analysis to place bets that can’t lose. To put it simply, you cover all eventualities. You do this by placing the main bet and a lay bet on the same race or match.

So, your main bet could be on a particular horse or football team winning. The lay bet will then be on them not winning. In this way, you will win money no matter what happens.

The amount of winnings will vary, of course. You might find that the main bet has a big pay-out while the lay bet is a lot lower. Each bet is different and the amounts always vary.

There is no need to be an expert on the sport with matched betting. It all comes down to the numbers and placing the right bets.

Of course, you don’t need to be an expert to use a tipster either. As long as the person providing the tips is an expert you can rely on their knowledge.

How to Judge a Tipster

What is the best way to judge a tipster? How can you tell which ones are most likely to bring you some nice wins? Are some of them going to lose you more than they win you?

Thankfully, there are some ideas that will let you see what they are like. Any good tipster will make their track record easy to find. If they don’t reveal their success rate then what does this tell you about them?

The best idea is to see by how much they regularly beat the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) by. This is important because the price at the start of the race is the most accurate price.

If you can beat the BSP consistently then you will expect to make money regularly. Therefore, if a tipster has a strong track record in this area then you will feel a lot more confident.

Obviously, the more that they beat the BSP by the better. This gives you a really good indication that they are worth taking a closer look at. You can also see what other punters are saying about them.

There are some big name tipster sites around. I have had dealings with all of them and have reviewed them below. Some of them offer good services that are worth a try.

Don’t forget that using tipsters doesn’t guarantee results. Only methods that use a solid mathematical basis can do that. Therefore, if you want to win with no risk then you need to try matched betting instead.

Best Paid Tipster Site – Betting Gods


Unique Selling Point: A range of different tipsters on varied sports and with different approaches.

Little Bit about the Service: Over 94,000 punters are said to be members of this service. The Betting Gods site offer free football and racing tips to get you started. You need to sign up with your email in order to get tips sent through each day.

An interesting feature here is that you can view all of their tipsters side by side. This lets you gauge the success rates and profits of each of them. There are tipsters on here who specialise in horse racing, golf, football, boxing and greyhound racing.

Betting Gods paid tipster

Best Paid Tipster Sites – Betfan


Unique Selling Point: A big service providing a range of information

Little Bit about the Service: It covers a number of sports, such as horse racing, greyhound racing, golf, football and tennis. Over 80 tipsters are present but you have the ability to quickly access your favourites.

Social network enabled to allow easy sharing of tips. Can be accessed on desktop site or on mobile version through their app.

Bet Fan Paid Tipster

Best Paid Tipster Site – Betting Rant


Unique Selling Point: Newsletter style service with additional products offered.

Little Bit about the Service: Fun site filled with information and tips on sports betting. A number of different authors offer regular tips and tricks to help you take on the bookies.

The site offers newsletter style updates and also has offers on other products from the same people. For instance, for £5 you can update to a Premium account. You can also join a syndicate or get reports on a range of different subjects.

betting rant paid tipster

Best Paid Tipster Site – Bet Kudos


Unique Selling Point: Sports club with additional services

Little Bit about the Service: Run by the same people behind Betfan, Bet Kudos is free to join but also has paid services to it as well. They offer a range of tips on different sports.

Services include the likes of Lucky 7 Naps and Exchange Profits. It is described as a sport club and you can expect daily emails once you join.

bet kudos tipster

Other Tipster Sites – Tipster Street


Unique Selling Point: Wide variety of fee daily tips or premium service

Little Bit about the Service: This sites offers free tips as well as a VIP club that gives access to all tipsters for a fee. The tips are divided into sections such as All Weather Profits, Racing Gold, Each Way Earners and Ante Post King.

The free tips are sent out daily by email. They say on the site that in 2016 their tips earned an average of £402 each month on £10 stakes. 

Tipster Street

Other Tipster Sites – Tipster Supermarket


Unique Selling Point: Free tipsters and premium tipsters

Little Bit about the Service: According to their site, the Tipster Supermarket mission is to give punter “proven profitable tipster services”. They offer a 90 day trial on their services.

There are 3 free tipsters; Viewpoint Racing, H&M Lays and Tennis Winners. There are also 2 premium services. These are JT’s Racing and Elite Ratings System.

Tipster Supermarket

How to Avoid Tipster Scams

There are a number of reputable tipster sites around. If you want to try this approach then those listed here are among the best services that you can try. However, you need to be careful if you decide to look elsewhere.

This is an area that is filled with scams and cons. If you just start looking online for tips then you might regret it. It pays to take your time and look for trustworthy tipster sites.

First of all, check for a reputable website with bet proofing. This means that the best paid tipsters have been independently verified. The reputable sites all make sure that this is carried out for new tipsters.

All good tipster sites should let you see their track record. This allows you to work out how much profit they have delivered in the past. If there is no track record then that is a warning sign. So is a supposed guarantee of earnings.

Naturally, success in the past isn’t a guarantee of future profits. However, if a certain tipster has a strong track record then this will give you more confidence.

Another issue to look out for is a risk free trial. If you are going to be paying for a premium service then you don’t want to waste money on it. A free trial will allow you to give it a try without any risk at all.

Of course, it is also important to check out some online reviews too. You can see what other punters think and what success they have had. You will often find them on social media or just by searching on Google for reviews.

Is a Tipster Service Right for You?

So, bearing all of that in mind you might wonder whether a tipster service is right for you or not. The first point to bear in mind is over whether you are gambling for fun or for pure profits.

Using a tipster service can be enjoyable. There is no doubt that it adds a thrill to anyone’s day. What tips will get through on your day’s email and will they give you a few lovely big wins?

It gives you the thrill of the unknown as you don’t know whether you will win money or not. On the other hand, you can’t guarantee a monthly profit in this way.

If you love sports but aren’t confident of your own knowledge this is a fun way to bet. You will probably win more than you lose too. However, you won’t be able to plan a set income from your gambling. Some months you might lose and in others you might win.

If we look at the other option, what if you see betting as an investment. Do you want to win money every month without any chance of losing?

Tipster service aren’t going to give you a guaranteed win every time. This is because it is simply gambling with some extra help. This makes it exciting but unpredictable.

If you want to win without fail then you need to consider matched betting instead. This is a way to bet without gambling and without fear.

As mentioned earlier, you could combine both approaches if you prefer. There is nothing to stop you earning from matched betting while trying to win with normal bets too.

Those people who like a lot of variety in their lives may decide that combining both methods is idea for them. If you have the time to do this then you can get the best of both worlds.

Otherwise why not give each approach a trial and see which one suits your personality and needs best?

How to Get Started on Tipster Services

We looked earlier on at how to choose a reliable tipster service. This should only take a few minutes of your time if you go to one of the sites we reviewed. If you are searching from scratch then set aside a bit longer to do this.

Once you find a site that you like the look of you will need to sign up to it. This means giving them your email address in order to register. The daily tips will be sent to this same address.

After you have done this you will usually be offered premium services as well. Some tipster sites are most subtle than others about this. Don’t rush into paying for the extra service, though. Punters can normally carry on using the free tips service for a while.

This means that you can work out whether the site is truly right for you. You might like to try out a few of them before settling on one. There is nothing to stop you get through emails from a few at the same time and comparing them.

Don’t forget to keep a record of your wins and losses when you follow the tips. It might look as though you are ahead but it is important that you have evidence to back this up too.

Overall, using tipster sites is best viewed as being a bit of fun. Sure, it will help you stand more chance of winning more frequently. However, you shouldn’t look at it as being some sort of gateway to guaranteed riches.

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