Cleeve Racing Review – Are the tips any good?

Cleeve Racing Review

Would you love to win more money from the bookies? Of course, you would. Trying to beat the bookies is what we all dream of doing. But how should you go about trying to do this?

For instance, could the experts help you to win money? Using tipsters to place smarter bets is great when it works. Yet, it doesn’t always work out so well. So, which tipsters can you truly trust to give you great tips time and time again?

This Cleeve Racing review looks at a popular tipster service. It has been around for a few years now and has a lot of members. With a strong reputation for festivals, could this be the right choice for you?

Let’s take a look at what it is all about. Is it something that might be worth considering?

What is Cleeve Racing?

This is a horse racing tipster service. A couple of early Cleeve Racing reviews mention other sports being covered. But it is firmly focussed on horse racing now.

Their service covers both the jump season and the flats season. This means that you can place bets all year round. A huge amount of work clearly goes into analysing all of those races.

Cleeve Racing Review

Is this an established tipster site? Well, the service has been going since 2010. This makes it one of the longer-running horse tipsters around. They have to be doing some right to keep going all these years, right?

The results are generally impressive, as we will see later in this Cleeve Racing review. The Cleeve Racing team have managed to remain pretty consistent over the years. They seem to have a good formula that they stick to. So what is it all about?

Let’s start by seeing what races they cover. Well, they assess every single class 2 race and above in the UK and Ireland. How is this done, though?

They say that this is done using a “structured form-based analysis”. They start by producing a shortlist from all the race’s runners. This is done using their own stats algorithm on the whole field. They then look more in-depth at the top choices to narrow it down. The actual race conditions are then taken into account.

This approach has been shown to work over a number of years. They tend to give 2 or 3 recommendations on each race. This is said to give a better chance of profits.

You will also notice a lot of extra information on their site. This includes staking advice, analysis and blog posts among others. There is a lot of look through if you enjoy this kind of thing.

It is worth pointing out that they are also known as festival betting experts. This means that you might want to try this service at a big racing event.

How Does It Work?

As we saw earlier in the Cleeve Racing review, they use a heavily structured approach. This system analyses all of the major races run during the year. It is a lot of work but it does seem to reap dividends.

The useful features on the site include a notebook section. This is where the details of eye-catching horses are noted for future reference. Anyone can access these details if they want to.

Then there is the ante post section. This is where members can see predictions for big races in the future. This part of the service has produced some terrific profits in the past. You may see some big-priced tips in here that are worth giving a try.

Among the free stuff is a list of 10 horses to follow throughout the season. If you want to get started then this is a good place to look. In fact, there is quite a lot of free information on here you could check out.

What if you feel the time is right to join up as a paying member? Is this easy to do? At the time of writing this Cleeve Racing review, all you have to do is register and pay your subscription fee.

This gives you access to everything on the site. In this way, you get to see all of their tips. You can also get in touch with the team if you ever need any help or advice.

You will also get email notifications sent to you at times. These will tell you when something needs your attention. This is especially important in the case of non-runners being announced.

The team are seemingly most active at weekends and during big racing festivals. Interestingly, you will get advised of two or three selections per race if profitable. This approach is said to bring greater profits for punters.

Who Is Behind Cleeve Racing?

There appears to be a fair-sized team behind Cleeve Racing. Certainly, a lot of work seems to go on behind the scenes. What isn’t obvious is whether a lot of this is now automated or not.

Either way, a lot of work clearly goes into producing all of the tips. I can also see different names mentioned on blogs and podcasts. So presumably they have a decent size of team contributing to it all.

The official site doesn’t seem to name the people in charge or where they are based. However, a quick look on Companies House shows us that Cleeve Racing Limited is registered in Belfast. Their LinkedIn profile has them based in Cheshire, though.

Mark Jackson is listed as a director. He also posts on the Cleeve Racing blog. On LinkedIn, he says that he is the firm’s operations director. Mark is based in Greater Manchester and joined in 2012 from an estates planning background.

Nicholas John McKenna is another director listed online. He is listed as a director on LinkedIn and is also noted as an author on the blog.

Ian Pennington is listed as the company secretary. Andrew Watson appears with no job title on Companies House. He is noted in some other reviews at the author of the system.

Between them, these 4 seem to be the brains behind Cleeve Racing.

Can This Be Done on Betfair?

The tips from Cleeve Racing are for betting with bookies.

It would be best to open up accounts with a few bookmakers. This will give you added flexibility when you start placing bets. So, you can quickly look for the best possible prices at different bookies.

Since this is a tipster service, it is less likely that your bookie accounts get gubbed compared to Matched Betting or Arbitrage. This is mainly because you won’t be winning every single time. Still, having a good selection of accounts will make you feel more comfortable.

While writing this Cleeve Racing review, I could see that some of their tips have big odds. This is especially true of their ante post selections. Getting the right odds is key to making these tips work for you.

How Much Money Can You Make Following It?

This is the key question really, isn’t it? How much money can you hope to earn month after month? With horse racing tipsters, it can seem difficult to calculate. After all, their results vary a lot.

This isn’t like matched betting, where you can get a fairly steady income. Tipsters will, by their very nature, give fluctuating results. One very good month of profits can be followed by a period of losses.

Therefore, the best idea is to look back over their track record. At the time of this Cleeve Racing review, how well have they done? Can they boast of regular wins?

The results section of the website is where you can see all of these details. Here, they have listed some important details. What can we learn by looking in here?

They say that they made a “profit of over 63 points on the 2017/18 flat season”. The site also mentions a 31% strike rate for that season. This translates to a £200 per month income, based on a £20 stake.

This seems to be the sort of monthly profit that is regularly claimed. There is no guarantee, but it appears to be a sort of realistic figure to use.

In addition, at the time of this Cleeve Racing review, they have had 4 consecutive seasons of profit. Before that, they have 14 straight seasons of profit. In fact, during their entire history they seem to have had just 1 season with no profit.

Naturally, a tipster’s history doesn’t guarantee future results. However, seeing a strong track record helps to show that their system works. The fact that they have regularly picked winners is a good sign.

You can see all of their results since they started on the site. The flat service seems to be slightly more profitable. Yet, both seasons have seen good performances in the past.

At the time I wrote this Cleeve Racing review, what were the latest results? They seem to be in keeping with the overall performance. Their level of consistency is quite impressive really. But does it stand up to closer scrutiny?

The last few races listed at this time have 3 winners out of 5 races. If I go further back, there are plenty of horses that have finished in one of the places. There have been some losing months lately.

However, the overall figures are still positive. The total profit to date is sitting at 423.58 points. March 2019 is at 4.125 points. On the other hand, February was negative, at -6.95. January 2019 had a profit of 26.83.

So, on a month to month basis it isn’t quite as consistent as it might first appear to be. However, it seems to produce consistency over time. This means that you probably need to use it for a time to see the expected results.

If you are unlucky, you might join just before a poor spell or results. Will you have the patience and the bank to keep going if this happens? It is suggested that you start off with a £200 bank. However, if you want to try and win big you will need more than this.

How Much Does It Cost?

The next key point for this Cleeve Racing review is the cost. As we have seen, you can expect to earn profits from your bets. But will the subscription cost eat into this too much? Some tipster services only ever seem to make money for the tipster.

Cleve Racing priceRight now, you have 4 membership options to choose from. The most flexible approach is the monthly subscription. This costs £40 each month. It seems a reasonable cost if you want to give it a try.

If you pay quarterly then it works out a little bit cheaper. The cost in this case is £99 every 3 months. This works out as a price of £33 per month.

The next option is to pay twice a year for the service. At £179, this works out at just under £30 each month. As for the annual subscription, this has a cost of £329.

If you sign up just before a major festival you might get a better deal. I researched this Cleeve Racing review at the start of March 2019. At this time, a £10 offer gives you 5 weeks of access. This covers both Cheltenham and Aintree festivals.

Since these tipsters are known as festival experts, it makes sense to join just before one. This will give you the chance to place a lot of bets. It is a smart way of trying the service for a short period of time.

Other reviews suggest there are similar deals for new members at other times of year. As with any betting service, signing up for a short trial period is always a good idea.

What Are the Other Reviews Saying?

Since this service has been around for a while, there are plenty of Cleeve Racing reviews online. Most of them are positive about what this tipster site offers. Those that have used the service to place bets report decent profits.

The fact that so much analysis is given is a plus point for some people. Others would prefer to just get details of the tips. It really comes down to personal preference.

Overall, reviews found it an easy service to use. The wealth of details are updated after each race. But if you just want to spend little time on it then you can do so.

Who Would Cleeve Racing Suit?

With so many tipster sites around, who might be tempted to use this one? This Cleeve Racing review has shown that it is excellent at providing analysis. If you like to see a lot of details then you will be impressed.

On the other hand, what if you prefer to just place bets quickly? You can still do this using this service. Yet, it seems a shame to not use all of the details provided. In the same vein, there are probably other tipsters that make is easier to bet more rapidly.

If speed is your main concern you can bet in just a couple of minutes on each tip. This means just scrolling through the details. You can skip all of the analysis and just look for the tips.

Their strong focus on festivals might suit you if you love these events. It adds extra spice to any festival when you have a number of bets placed. It does run throughout the rest of the year as well, though.

As for the cost and profits, will this aspect suit you? The cost if reasonably expensive, to be fair. If you want to make money you probably need to use stakes of at least £20. Less than this and you might struggle to do much more than cover the subscription cost.

Given their strong track record, you might feel comfortable with bigger stakes. So, it seems likely to appeal to someone who is happy with sizeable bets. It could prove highly profitable in this way. However, this approach also increases the risk levels too.

Cleeve Racing Review: Conclusion

What is the overall verdict from this Cleeve Racing review? Well, it is a certainly a slick, professional package. There is a lot to like about this service right away.

The amount of work that has gone into this system is obvious. If you love horse racing statistics and analysis, you will find a lot to enjoy here. The tipsters behind this site clearly take it seriously.

Will it help you to win enough money, though? This is the key question in any tipster service review, of course. You will want to win money rather than just be entertained and informed.

All of the signs point to a decent chance of earning profits here. Their strong track record gives confidence that these guys know what they are doing.

If you are ambitious and want to place large stakes you might win handsomely. A more cautious approach will probably see you come out slightly ahead. Of course, any tipster service can’t guarantee you profits all the time.


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