Best Football Stat Sites

Best Football Stat Sites

Having access to the best football stats sites is a huge help for some bettors. This is how you can find out about scores, form and everything else. You could keep your own records but it is an almost impossibly huge task for one person.

Thankfully, there are lots of options out there for you. Many sites are packed with football statistics that you can use. In fact, they have more stats than you could ever hope to use.

So, it is a question of finding the right one for you needs. How can you best do this? We will take a look at all of the factors involved in this decision. Then we will go through a few of the most popular footie statistics websites.

Look at the Cost

The cost of any service that helps your betting is vital. The more you pay, the lower your overall profits. If you are already paying for another betting service, a second cost is unwanted.

You can’t afford to pay out a lot of your winning on things like this. If you can get a football stats site for free then so much the better. Is this possible, though?

Yes it is, as many of these sites are completely free to use. Others charge a fee, which is high in a lot of cases. Is it worth paying a bit more for a better service?

It is if you think that the difference is big enough to make you more money. However, it is important to note that paid services tend to be aimed at different markets. When we look at the sites later on, you will see this clearly. Most paid services probably aren’t designed with you in mind anyway.

If in doubt, I would always suggest taking a free option first of all. You can then see if it is good enough for you. If not, you will now know what exactly you should be looking for. You will also have a decent idea of how much it is worth to you.

On the other hand, what if you start with a paid service? Well, you will never know if you could have got the data for less. Or even for free. It might be that you don’t use the bits that are really worth paying for.

Are you losing money by not having access to reliable stats? It comes down to the type of betting you carry out.

What Do The Best football stat sites Cover?

The best football stat sites tend to contain huge amounts of data. If you enjoy looking through facts and figures you will enjoy them. There is a lot more here than just a list of final scores.

Of course, you will find results on here. A huge database of results is the basic starting point for any statistics collection. Expect to see results from all of the major leagues. Some sites also cover less well-known leagues.

However, you should look for a lot more than just results. You can also search through team numbers on things like possession, goals scored, shots taken and so on. The wealth of data on some of these sites is incredible. Of course, not all of it will help you to make smarter bets. So you need to know what you are looking for.

You can then drill down on individual player stats. What is Messi’s assist rate like? Does Neymar win many aerial duels? Who is the best passer in the EPL? You can find out all of this and more.

Most sites also provide other services. These could include a football blog and upcoming match previews. You might find live scores on here too. All of this adds a bit of extra value. Choose wisely and it could become the only footy site you need to use. Make the wrong choice and you could waste time drowning in pretty useless numbers.

How Easy Are The Best football stat sites to Use?

You might think that all of these statistics make for an unwieldy website. Yet, the best of them are very simple to use. If you can use a basic spreadsheet then you can use a football stats website.

In most cases, you use tabs to get around. You can then filter and re-order the statistics however you want to. With lots of flexibility, you can narrow it down to exactly what you want to see. It should only take you a few minutes to get the hang of any site of this kind.

Naturally, some are easier to use than others. You don’t need to be a technical whizz to use any of them, though. Most people should have absolutely no problems with any service of this type. So it probably isn’t the most important point.

Just give any stats site you are interested in a short trial run. Remember that you need fast, reliable access to the numbers. If they give you this, then you should be happy enough to use them.

Do You Really Need One?

At this point, you may wonder whether you even need a football stats site. It is certainly worth thinking about this. Not everyone who makes money from football bets uses a site like this.

The key is in understanding how you are going to place bets. Are you going to be getting tips sent to you? If so, you would only use this service to back up the selection. You might think that this isn’t necessary.

What if you are going to be choosing your selections? Again, it comes down to the way that you do this. For example, if you are using matched betting you are using a loophole. So the stats don’t bother you as much. You already know that you can’t lose in any outcome. You don’t need to find the Best football stat sites.

Then there is the time aspect. Do you have the time to look through a stats site before making your bets? Again, it is something that is fine for some bettors but not for everyone.

Football statistics are really for people who want to identify the best bets. These might be value bets. So, you could find that a team is at fairly long odds to win. But you believe that their chances are better than that. You need to find and interpret the statistics that back you up.

For everyone else, this sort of service is nice to have. But it isn’t usually essential. With any good betting system, you should know whether the addition of facts and figures would help.

Having said all of that, let’s look at some sites now. There are some of the best footie stats services. You can find tons of fascinating details on each of them.


You won’t need to pay a subscription to this stats site. All of the information is free, and you don’t even need to register on it. This makes it very easy to get started on.

soccer stats

At first sight, the layout is a bit uninspiring. In fact, it looks a little bit old-fashioned, to be honest. However, once you start looking into it, you will find a lot of interesting figures. A nice feature is the live blog down the side of the screen. This keeps you updated with all of the current games.

You can also filter by the game date. This lets you see at a glance the stats for each of the day’s matches. There is also a useful analysis for completed games. Other tabs let you see form, teams and ref information.

One of the best things here is the incredible variety of leagues. At the top of the screen, you will see national flags. Choose one and you will then see the leagues from that country. They have covered just about every competition you could be interested in.

For example, I clicked on Italy. I was then offered Serie A, B and C. I could also see the Primavera youth leagues covered. The amount of detail in this site is amazing, although you need to be careful to not be overwhelmed by it all.

Soccerstats is possibly of interest to anyone who likes betting on more obscure leagues. Information on these leagues can be hard to find. But it is all neatly wrapped up for you on here.


This is another of the free footie stats sites. It brings together pretty much all of the elements we have looked at so far. You can see results, live scores and match previews. They also have player stats covering a range of different areas. These include tackles, cards, possession, aerial duels and more.

Who scored

The statistical best 11 is a nice touch. This lets you see the best combined team from the top 5 leagues or from just one of them. You can also choose it by week, month or season. It is a very quick way to see the in-form players all over the park.

Their previews are very good too. This is where you can very quickly weigh up the two teams in an upcoming game. Some neat graphics let you instantly assess their stats. This includes goals, assists and player ratings.

Each preview ends with a summary and a score prediction. This makes it an easy way to check whether your own prediction is realistic. This is arguably the site’s best feature. It brings together all of these stats to give you an easy to understand score prediction.


This is another stats site that looks a little bit dated these days. But don’t let that put you off too soon. It is packed to the rafters with interesting data. It covers the biggest European leagues and a range of statistics.

Stat Bunker

Many of the stats in here are similar to those on the other sites we have looked at. You can start off by choosing a league. There are English, French, Italian and German options, among others. Cups and international football are also included.

The goals category is nicely split up. See who has scored more goals and most hat-tricks. You can also see goals by type of play and method, as well as penalties and so on. The same comprehensive approach is taken on discipline factors.

You can see goals scored and conceded per team. The general section has a range of information. Some of it is really useful, like the half-time table. The likes of youngest and oldest teams maybe not so much.

Statbunker is a good general stats site. You might like it if you are interested in markets like goals scored and cards given out.


This is another free footie statistics website. In fact, it is the last free one for us to look at. It was originally based purely on British leagues. But it has been expanded to include other leagues now.

Foot Stats

However, it is still largely focused on matches in the UK. You might prefer it if you like to bet on British matches.

The tables tab is particularly useful. This is where you can order the league by things like corners, goals, cards and so on.

Statistic Sports

This is the first of the paid for services. Does it offer enough advantages to make the cost worthwhile? Certainly, it is probably the most comprehensive site on the list so far. It also includes a handy mobile app.

Their site is powered by AI. What this means is that it gives you advanced predictions very quickly. They call it the best football prediction tool on the market. The site owners suggest that they cover over 2,000 matches each week. This sees them look at 95% of all live football games.

You can get started with a free trial for 7 days. After this, the basic membership fee is €17 for a month. You can step up to deluxe package for €37 each month. Even more complete is the platinum level for €77 a month.

This is probably too much for most bettors. It is really designed for professionals to use. You need to be completely serious about your football betting to pay for this service.


Another paid football stats service, this is also pretty expensive. The most expensive subscription is £999 annually. It clearly isn’t aimed at the average, casual punter.

One of the outstanding features here is the huge video archive. It has been described at the biggest and best football video collection on the planet. It is easy to see why it is called “the professional platform”.

To be honest, this site is aimed at people in the game. They have videos from over 100 countries. There are over 200,000 full matches with analysis. Over half a million players and teams are included. More than 2,800 new matches are added to the platform every week too.

There is a free 15 day trial. After that, the cheapest option on this site is currently listed at €250 a year. The price for full, unlimited access isn’t listed. But other sources put it at close to £1,000.

It is hard to see any bettor making money in this way. The cost is just too expensive to make sense in this way. It is designed for pro scouts and teams to use as part of their analysis work.

Which is the best football stat site for you?

As we have seen, all of these stats sites have good things about them. They are all fascinating reading for footie fans. But you might have some trouble finding the right one to use.

The first step is probably to ignore the paid services. These are actually terrific sites. But they aren’t designed for people wanting to make money from betting. Unless you are going to bet on the Statistic Sports predictions, it just doesn’t make sense.

After this, each of the other sites we have looked at is free. The information they each offer is similar but different. For instance, you will find a focus on different leagues and types of statistic. The presentation is also something that changes quite a bit.

I would suggest giving one of them a trial run. If it suits your betting strategy, stick with it. If you can see the best football stats you crave, that it all you need. However, when you can’t see what you are after, there are other options. You could go through them all until you find the perfect site.

The same applies with the layout and presentation. Some people might prefer the slightly retro style on some sites. Others will want a slicker and more modern feel. Just check them out until you see one that you are comfortable with.

There is no right or wrong answer. As far as I can see, each of these stats sites is trustworthy and reliable. The one that you choose just comes down to personal preference. It won’t take you long to find the best football stat sites.

Best football stat sites Summary

The best football stats sites are enjoyable but can they help you to bet more wisely? It really depends upon the strategy you use. If you feel that having these facts and figures to hand would help, then give it a try.

The good news is that you are spoiled for choice. Just look around and see which site suits you best. After this, you can ensure that you are always armed with the best football stat sites that you need.


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