Matched Betting Abbreviations

Matched Betting Abbreviations

Some commonly used Matched Betting abbreviations used on forums, their meaning and content.

Simple abbreviations:

ACCA Accumulator, Multiple Bet
-Double, Treble, Fourfold, Fivefold etc.
AGS, FGS, LGS Anytime Goal Scorer, First Goal Scorer & Last Goal Scorer
AH Asian Handicap
AP Advantage Play
AWS All Weather Surface
B/L Back/Lay
BB Bonus Bagging
(or might be Bookie Blowout) both are products From Mike’s stable
BOG Best Odds Guaranteed
– a bookie will pay you at higher odds if the Horse goes off (SP) higher than you backed it at)
BOOM Refund has been triggered, or FB had been hit,
– often accompanied by a colourful picture
BTTS Both Teams to Score
– type of football bet
C&D Course and Distance
– Seen in a Horses form and/or on a Racecard
DoND Deal or No Deal (Classic)
– Slot (not scratchcard) that’s often advised to get through a games WR
CS Correct Score Market
DYOR Do Your Own Research
– A polite disclaimer to check the T&C’s etc. of an offer for yourself
EV Expected Value
– usually Casino offer related, when an offer is not Risk-Free
EWS Each Way Sniper – another of Mikes Products
Each Way Steal
FB Freebet
FP or FS Freeplay or Freespins
– casino related
HCP or EH European Handicap
FPP First Past the Post
LC Live Chat
– bookies “helper” line
MB Matched Betting
– or Matchbook in the context of an exchange
MBS Money Back Special
– type of betting offer
MC The Boss – Mike Cruickshank
NH National Hunt
NR Non-Runner
NRNB Non-Runner No Bet
a promotion sometimes offered on an Ante-Post betting market, usually only big race meetings – where if your selection becomes a non-runner, the bet will be voided
OP Opening Post, or Opening Poster
– the 1st post in thread or the poster who made it
OPM Other People’s Money (usually the bookies)
PM Profit Maximiser
QB Qualifying Bet
R4 Rule 4
a Horse racing term, full name Tattersalls Rule4
RF Risk Free
RNG Random Number Generator
– Casino Game/Slot related – all games are usually RNG based.
RTP Return to Player
– Casino Game/Slot related, the percentage of stake that might be expected to be returned.
SNR or SR Stake Not Returned  or Stake Returned
-most common types of Freebet
SP Starting Price
– the price the Horse actually starts the race at.
BSP = Betfair Starting Price
ISP = Industry Starting Price
SUB Sign Up Bonus
T&C’s Terms and Conditions
WR Wager Requirement(s)


Other Useful matched betting abbreviations:

  • PP: Chelsea to win vs Arsenal 1.9/1.91 BF
    • You are being told that on PaddyPower (PP) just now Chelsea is available to win against Arsenal @ back odds of 1.9, which can be laid on BetFair (BF) at odds of 1.91.
    • other Exchanges may be abbreviated too – MB = MatchBooK, BD or Daq = BetDaq, SM = Smarkets
  • Bore-Draw
    • A type of Football betting offer, [usually] a refund if the Score finishes  0 – 0
  • RedRum – 7/7
    • In fast moving threads the Bookie may be missed out as it may be listed in the OP or mentioned a few posts back (like Hills on racing day) = simply means back/lay prices are both 7.00
  • Gubbing
    • Being banned or limited by a Bookie, also sometimes called “being rinsed” (i.e. you’re off their Xmas Card list!)
  • Sharbing
    • Shop Arbing
  • Shubbing
    • Shop Gubbing

Appendix A:  — (maybe the Urban Dictionary would be required to clarify some of these as I’m not sure?)

LOL – Laugh Out Loud
FFS – not sure? (Oh For Flip Sake, of course it is! )
PLS & TY – strangely these don’t come up very often IMHO.
WTF – What? That’s not Fair… or maybe it is.

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