9 traits of successful Matched Bettors

9 traits of highly successful Matched Bettors

Matched betting has become very trendy in recent times. You may have read some accounts of how easy it makes earning money. Yet, do you have nagging doubts about whether you too could be successful at this?

It is clear why matched betting has been in the news so much. There are plenty of people who love the idea of taking money off the bookies. Especially with very little risk involved. Anyone who discovers this terrific approach will be keen to make the most of it.

guardian matched betting

Is this as easy to do as people make out, though? Certainly, some sites will tell you that this is incredibly simple to get started on. Will you make a fortune in a week or so in this way? Again, they will tell you that you will soon be swimming in banknotes.

This is definitely a fantastic way of earning money. However, you need to start off with realistic expectations and targets. Being successful starts with being informed and knowing what you are getting into.

The fact is that matched betting is a great choice for making money. Consistent profits are there to be gained without too much fuss. If you have always wanted a better lifestyle then this could help you to achieve it.

Yet, you may now wonder whether it is all a bit too complicated. It isn’t really complicated. However, to be successful you need to know what it is all about.

Over the last 8 years of running Matched Betting related websites, these are the most common traits of successful Matched Bettors. These are the things that you really need to do to be successful. Don’t miss this opportunity by not being aware of what it is all about.

1) Focus on Learning the Strategies

A common question asked about matched betting is, “How do I earn £XXX per month?” This might seem like a reasonable question. However, to ask it at the beginning is to look at things the wrong way round.

Anybody asking questions like that will usually have given up a few months later. This is because they will be too focused on getting a fixed amount of cash rather than learning how everything works first. Anything less than this and they will feel that they have failed.

You can definitely earn a good amount of money each month. This varies from person to person for different reasons. Over time, you will understand how much you can expect every month from this. But, it isn’t the first thing that you should be asking.

Successful matched bettors look at this challenge in a different way. They are constantly asking, “What are the strategies that I need to use?” You need to start by learning how they work too.

Once you master the strategies, the money will come to you. However, chasing the money without understanding the strategies won’t bring you long-term success. If you are only thinking about the end results then you will be stifling your chances of achieving what you want. You’ll have no idea how to get there.

Fortunately, you can earn money as you learn. There is no need to put everything on hold while you just pick up the strategies. Every time that you put a new strategy into action correctly you will win cash.

The more strategies you learn the better your chances of winning more. This will give you flexibility and variety in your matched betting.

This is one of the most common questions on the Profit Maximiser forum. If you do see somebody posting a question like this, politely send them to this blog post. Pointing it out could completely transform their results.

2) The Journey Isn’t Clear at First – You Will Find the Way, Though

At first, matched betting can seem really confusing to beginners. How can it be that you basically get free money from bookmakers? Aren’t these companies that are notoriously difficult to win money from?

It is no wonder that newcomers to matched betting aren’t clear about how it works. It seems all a bit mysterious and mumbo-jumbo, doesn’t it? Some people worry that it might be a scam until they actually see the results with their own eyes. Another big question people have is how to make on going profits.

Well, the good news is that things get a lot clearer over time. There is no better way of seeing how it works than by getting started. The more you do this the clearer it will become. The doubts will soon disappear once you see the strategies in action.

Don’t lose faith if the journey isn’t clear at the outset. Everyone starts off in the dark but sticking at it soon brings its own rewards. You are sure to feel a growing sense of excitement as you progress.

Things fall in to place when you start taking consistent action. Don’t expect to login to Profit Maximiser and you automatically understand everything. It takes time, patience and action. Those who have it are rewarded handsomely.

3) Thinking There Is a Better Way

Have you spent years losing money on bets? The bookies love punters who are happy to keep on gambling and losing. They make so much money because this is what most people do.

Matched betting is for those people who think that there must be a better way. There is, and this is it. There is no longer any need to accept constant losses and hard luck stories.

Matched betting has changed the way that we bet. This has opened up thrilling new possibilities. Realising that there is a better way of betting is a moment that is sure to make you feel fantastic.

Did you know that 98% of gamblers and Betfair traders lose money? Many of them still think that there is a better way of making money.

It is important to look for a better way of betting. However, it is just as important to realise when you have found it. With matched betting, you will see that this is a clever, sustainable way of beating the bookies.

Let me make this brutally clear. If there was a better way than Matched Betting, I’d be selling it!

4) Take Action Consistently

Wouldn’t life be perfect if you could sit back and just watch the money roll in? For many people, this is the ideal lifestyle that they dream of. In fact, we would all love to lie on the beach and watch our bank account grow effortlessly.

take action

Is this possible? Or do you need to put some more effort into making money? With matched betting, you can make money without too much effort. However, you do need to take action consistently to make it work.

This means committing at least a few hours a week. That doesn’t sound like too much, does it? Yet, just a few hours a week will bring you regular profits. Doesn’t that sound like a smart use of your time?

Make this small amount of time for your matched betting and take action. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort but it does require consistency. You will want to set aside time to make sure that you never miss this.

It is also worth pointing out that you will get more efficient with experience. The more matched betting you carry out the quicker you will become at it. This means that over time you should be able to spend even less time on it.

5) Compound Your Winnings

It is a fabulous feeling when you get your first big wins. You will really feel as though you are on to something special with these tactics. Perhaps the temptation will be to run out and spend the money on something special.

Yet, this is just the beginning. There are plenty more profits waiting for you to pick them up. The key from here on in is to rack them up quickly and safely as you can. How will you do this?

The smartest way to grow your funds is by compounding your winnings. What does this really mean, though?

It means you can take on more offers and rake in bigger profits in less time. Don’t spend your winnings as soon as you get them. Instead, use them to win you even more money.

Having said that, it is also important to treat yourself now and then. You should use your winnings to buy something nice or go for a great meal occasionally. This will increase your motivation to carry on winning.

If you are serious about making good money then don’t do this too often. Instead, you should make your winnings keep on working for you.

Overall, don’t spend your winnings as fast as you are making them. However do treat yourself occasionally. This will see you win more while also enjoying life.

6) Push Yourself and Do Everything

Do you see matched betting as being a way of changing your life? Could a second income like this be just what you need? To be fair, plenty of people could enjoy life more with these profits.

Bearing that in mind, shouldn’t you be doing everything possible to do this? It isn’t every day that you come across an opportunity like this to make easy money. If you take it too easy and miss it then you will be left kicking yourself in the future.

So, shouldn’t you be doing everything in your power to make it work? This means being open to new ideas and working hard to make them successful. Don’t take the lazy approach or settle for mediocre results.

Don’t rule out new strategies before trying them out either. Even if it doesn’t sound like your thing, it might be perfect.

How often have you heard people say things like “I only do risk free offers” or “I don’t do casino”.

People with that attitude never make much money. In fact, they usually give up before too long. If you limit the things you try then you limit your earning possibilities at the same time.

The people who make this work best are those who are open to new ideas. They can see the possibilities and are keen to grasp them with both hands. You might need to dredge up some extra energy and enthusiasm at times. It will soon be worth it, though.

7) Be Prepared for Offers and Strategies to Change Over Time

You shouldn’t think that matched betting is a process that is set in stone. The idea is always pretty much the same, but you need to adapt your strategies to changing circumstances. What works today might stop working in the future. So, what will you replace it with?

Being able to adapt is crucial. If you don’t want to change anything then the time will come when you don’t have anything left to do. On the other hand, if you are adaptable then you can move on to something new.

For example, bookie’s offers can vary from time to time. This can be down to them going out of business or merging. Also, emerging legislation and the growing number of matched bettors are other factors. Who can truly say that they know exactly what the future holds?

It is worth remembering that a few years ago you could earn a full-time income from bingo. These days, you couldn’t buy yourself a loaf of bread with bingo profits on offer. On the other hand, casino offers have increased due to many more sites appearing.

As one opportunity disappears, another takes it place. The key is in knowing where to look. You don’t just throw your hands in the air and complain about what you can no longer do. It is time to do something else instead.

All of this means that you can’t rest on your laurels. You need to carry on learning and adjusting as you bet. The offers are going to change at some point, so you need to be ready to deal with that.

This shouldn’t sound daunting or annoying. Sure, it is a challenge. However, it should be a challenge that you look forward to rising to.

8) Always Focus on the Highest Value Offers First, Based on Your Risk Tolerance & Bankroll Size

Choosing the right offers at the right time is crucial. If you do this, then your chances of long-term success are going to rocket. Get it wrong and you aren’t likely to earn much money, are you?

Naturally, the highest value offers will always win you the most amount of money. What if you want to avoid all risk or are starting with a modest bankroll? In these cases, you should be looking for the best value strategies that are low-risk or risk-free.

It is important to realise that you don’t need to dive in at the deep end. This could see you run the risk of losing your bankroll. What you could do is commit to carrying out 200 low-risk casino offers. See how it goes then take it from there.

After this, you will feel more confident. You may now be ready to try a higher risk offer. The more you understand how the offers work the more flexible you can be.

This isn’t a high-risk betting strategy. However, you can tweak the exact risk level as you go. We all want different things, so it is good to be able to do this easily.

All of this is included in the training that you should take at the start. As your confidence builds up, you will enjoy going for higher reward deals with slightly more risk. By then, you will be a lot more comfortable with the concepts of risk and value.

9) Always Think Long-Term

You shouldn’t think of matched betting as a way of just getting a short-term cash boost. It will give you this but it can do so much more. It might dig you out a financial hole right now. But what could it do for you in the longer term if you are successful?

Could you give up your work eventually or work less hours? Could you plan a happier retirement? Maybe this extra income could change your lifestyle? Think about what your financial goals are and whether some extra income could help you to achieve them.

You should look on this as being a long-term way of making money. This will also help you to deal with any losing runs. You will come across losing runs when using sports and casino offers. It is how you deal with them that determines your overall success.

Even with matched betting, you simply can’t win every time. Sometimes your luck will be out. At other times, you might make a mistake or take too much of a risk that doesn’t work out.

Instead of fretting about this, you should focus on the estimated value instead. After you have completed a big enough sample the results will average out. You should then be able to clearly see the benefits of matched betting.

This is something that will give you terrific long-term profits if you do it right. Therefore, it makes sense to plan ahead. This will give you a clear feeling of where you are heading to and how.


It is easy to see why matched betting has caused such a stir lately. It is a wonderful way of making money from the bookies. As more people discover it, word spreads and it grows even more.

Yet, far too many people fail to understand what it is actually about. If you go into this with the wrong idea then you are likely to fail, aren’t you? Alternatively, if you know what you are getting into then a bright future awaits you.

The best way to get to grips with the main strategies is to get started. Once you have done this, you can look forward to a future of healthy, low-risk profits. Isn’t this something that is well worth giving a try?

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Hey Mike,

Great article. The main trick for me was focusing on building my bank. When I did that I could complete more offers and my profits snowballed. However keeping the money a secret from my wife was not an easy feat!

Hi Ron, I agree. Whenever I mention compounding it feels like I’m talking to myself in an empty room.

People who do compound their winnings will do 100 times better than those who don’t.

Hi Mike,
I enjoyed your article very much and consider myself lucky to come across your products 3 years ago.
Your strategies are a goldmine, the more you know the more you can use to make more profits. adapting to changes is a key to keep on profiting day after day.

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