What is the Best Matched Betting Service?

What is the Best Matched Betting Service?

It is no great secret that there are plenty of people out there who want a bit of extra profiting from matched betting. Whether you are new to betting or are fed up losing out to the bookies you might be looking for a helping hand too. In this article I’ll be showing you the best matched betting service.

Each year, the bookmakers rake in huge profit from unlucky punters. Yet, in recent times more and more people have discovered the advantages of the matched betting approach. Wouldn’t you like to get a guaranteed win without risking your own money?

In that case, you may decide to go for a matched betting service from now on. This is a smart move, as this is the kind of service that can give you risk-free results. In fact, it isn’t even really gambling, as good old-fashioned maths take all of the fear of losing out of it.

Yet, with so many different matched betting services around you might wonder which one to go for. Thankfully, by looking at a few of them in detail we can see which ones are likely to put a big smile on your face over and over again. Full disclaimer – I own Bonus Bagging & Profit Maximiser. I’ve covered the competition below.

1) The Best Matched Betting Service for Beginners – Bonus Bagging

Of course, many people come to this sort of service with no betting experience at all. Maybe you have always fancied having a flutter but never quite had the confidence to go ahead and try to pick a winner.

On the other hand, it could be that you have recently developed an interest in sports and gambling. Or perhaps you now have free time for this hobby for the first ever time. Whatever the case is, the Bonus Bagging site is the type of matched betting service you should be looking at.

This is a popular site that is seen by many as being a true leader in the industry. Indeed, for many people this is the matched betting service that first opened their eyes to the incredible possibilities of beating the bookies.

Impressively, this software remains among the most powerful around, despite many new competitors arriving on the scene. By dedicating just a short time to taking up the recommended offers you will be well on your way to getting free money.

Bonus Bagging

Website URL: http://www.bonusbagging.co.uk/

Year established: 2010

Unique selling point: — Well-established and highly regarded for newbies. One-off payment for lifetime support. Money back guarantee.

Name of the owner(s) – Me!

Little bit about the service: This is an incredibly easy betting method to get started with. Even if you have never placed a bet in your life before you will soon be matched bet confidently. There is no need to be a sports fan or technical whizz either.

Basically, the Bonus Bagging approach uses a loophole that takes all of the risk out of betting. The real benefit of this service is that it does all the hard work for you. There is no need to spend hours working out the bets to make and the best bonuses to take. Bonus Bagging does all of this for you and simply advises you which bets are worth making with which bookies.

Clearly, this means that anyone can start using this method right away. There is no need to waste time trying to do the complicated maths on your own. Just follow the instructions and it is impossible to go wrong.

The site explains the system in great detail and signing up is then really easy to do. Many satisfied users have left excellent reviews stating how easy it is to win money in this way right away.

You will never risk money if you join this site. Instead, you will be earning money easily by using the bookmaker’s own cash, in the form of bonuses.

If you want to try a site that lets you get started smoothly then you can’t do better than join up at Bonus Bagging.

2) The Best Matched Betting Service for Experienced users — Profit Maximiser

Maybe you have some betting experience but want to move on to the next level. While the Bonus Bagging service is ideal for anyone, there are other options available to those punters who have bet before.

If you are in this situation then the Profit Maximiser could be your Perfect matched betting service. With this method you get comprehensive help in beating the bookies regularly.

Because the coverage here is wider, you get access to more deals. This can lead to you making money on sports betting as well as in casino offers, bingo sites and elsewhere.

Everything is clearly explained on the site and it is made clear that you can earn a huge amount of money. The only way to lose out using this service is by not following the instructions.

Profit Maximiser

Website URL: https://profitmaximiser.co.uk/

Year established: 2013

Unique selling point: – This is a long-term approach to succeeding at betting. It gives punters an unfair advantage by letting them join a community that shares valuable knowledge and bonuses. Covers a wide range of type of betting, from horses to casinos, slots and bingo sites.

Name of the owner(s) – Me!

Little bit about the service: The idea is very similar to the Bonus Bagging service that we looked at earlier. However, it goes further than that site by covering a massive range of different bets and bonuses.

Once you sign up, you get given access to start of the art software that makes it easy to identify which bets to place. There are detailed instructions and training videos that let you very quickly get to grips with this matched betting service.

The service is subscribed to by thousands of members and many of them have posted details of massive amounts of money they say that they have won. Certainly, this is a low risk approach that could bring you very handsome rewards over time.

The powerful software identifies introductory offers and ongoing offers that you can take advantage of in order to win more easily. It even shows you how to use to bonuses to best effect.

Therefore, you don’t need to dedicate a lot of time to finding the right offers and making bets with them. This makes it perfect for someone who wants to just get started on placing smart bets without any delay or hassle.

If you are looking for a simple yet varied approach to getting an unbelievable betting advantage then Profit Maximiser is a good choice. This is a site you should definitely be looking at if you want to boost your finances and have some sort of gambling experience.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Service

3) Other Bigger Matched Betting Sites

We’ve looked at the 2 best matched betting services. While they are very highly rated, there are also some other options around that you might come across. These are among the biggest and most popular services of this type.

Profit Accumulator

This sites lets you join a community of punters with access to free bet offers. It works in a similar way to the previous services and is described as being the UK’s largest matched betting community.

Website URL: https://www.profitaccumulator.co.uk/
Year established: 2014
Unique selling point: – Large community
Name of the owner(s) – Sam Stoffel
Little bit about the service: With Profit Accumulator you get help in choosing the right free bets and then placing smart wagers. It is a service that can be used on an on-going basis, taking advantage of new offers each day.

Odds Monkey

Odds Monkey is another popular UK matched betting service that is designed to make betting easy and risk-free. It uses bespoke software and the power of maths to give you access to deals that are all about making use of free money to wager without fear.

Website URL: https://www.oddsmonkey.com/
Year established: 2016
Unique selling point: – Cheap monthly fee
Name of the owner(s) – Paul King, Emma King, Craig Peterson & Norman Peterson
Little bit about the service: As we have seen on other services of this type, the software does the hard work for you. You can very quickly identify the deals that will make you money. The site has been clearly put together and it is easy to use.

4) Smaller Matched Betting Sites

So far we have looked at the best matched betting service and most important players in the matched betting market. Yet, there are also a number of small services around that you might also discover at some point.

These are typically more modest websites they have smaller forums and little or no staff. As you would expect, this kind of service is unlikely to have state of the art software, as this costs a lot of money to produce and maintain.

Matched Bets

Website URL: https://www.matchedbets.com/
Year established: 2016
Unique selling point: – Cheap monthly fee
Name of the owner(s) – David Archer
Little bit about the service: There are over 180 new member and reload offers here, using 32 bookies and 4 exchanges.

Profit Squad

Website URL: http://profitsquad.co.uk/
Year established: 2015
Unique selling point: – Comprehensive training
Name of the owner(s) – David Prendergast, Ben Perchard, Ian O’Reilly & Joseph Hawes
Little bit about the service: Comprehensive training and easy to use software are among the key features with the Profit Squad service. They focus on sports betting, bingo and casino offers.

Profit Squirrel

Website URL: https://www.profitsquirrel.co.uk
Year established: 2017
Unique selling point: – Lots of FAQs and help aimed at beginners
Name of the owner(s) – Tanjeet Gill, Teghir Gill & Chris Haill
Little bit about the service: This friendly site lays out the simple steps that you need to take to start matched betting. Their free trial gives you the chance to make up to £20 before deciding whether to pay to join up. On the downside, they are a bit more expensive to join as a member than many other services of this type.

Yes bets

Website URL: https://www.yesbets.co.uk/
Year established: 2015
Unique selling point: – A rather more simplistic approach with some humour injected into the site.
Name of the owner(s) – Daryl Astbury & Mark Hirst
Little bit about the service: The site say that Yesbets have allowed punters to win £2,483,263.80 at the time of writing. They currently have £1,200 in bookmaker bonuses that can be used without any risk. As you would expect, the software makes it easy to use this service and help is at hand with customer and forum options.


Website URL: https://headsandheads.co.uk
Year established: 2017
Unique selling point: – User dashboard display
Name of the owner(s) – James Hardy
Little bit about the service: The basic principles of matched betting are stuck to on the Head&Heads site. This is a simple, straightforward service that gives you the tools you need to find and use the best bookie offers.

Odds Watchdog

Website URL: https://oddswatchdog.co.uk/
Year established: 2017
Unique selling point: – N/A
Name of the owner(s) – Daniel Littler, Philip Newton & Michael Latimer
Little bit about the service: Matched betting can be done easily with the Odds Watchdog service. It perhaps isn’t the most visually appealing site of this type but it does explain the concept clearly. As it the case with most matched betting services, you can opt for a free trial or else sign up as a member. It is a smaller community but has been growing steadily lately.

5) The best Free Matched Betting websites

While the services we have looked at up to here all charge a membership free, there are also free options. This might sound like a better option than paying for the same thing but there is a catch.

Free matched betting websites are more limited that those that charge a fee. For a start, you won’t get the same level of software and support on a free site.

This means that you will need to do more of the work yourself, which might get tedious after a while. You also run a greater risk of making an error that costs you money. Here is the best matched betting service with no fees!

Matched Betting Blog

Website URL: http://matchedbettingblog.com/
Year established: 2014
Unique selling point: – Blog of on going offers
Name of the owner(s) – Matthew Kirman & Jemma Kirman
Little bit about the service: This is a popular free service that has a decent range of offers. As it typical with this kind of site, the sheer amount of information can make it tricky to know where to get started. Having said that, if you already understand the basics then this is a good place to find new offers without any cost.

Money Saving Expert Forum

Website URL: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=41
Year established: 2002
Unique selling point: – Forum based approach with members sharing details of offers and tips.
Name of the owner(s) – Martin Lewis
Little bit about the service: If you like the idea of chatting with other punters about matched betting deals then this is a place to check out. Members can post details of new offers that others might want to take advantage of. However, it is worth remembering that not everyone who posts is likely to be an expert you can trust.


Website URL: Bet72.com
Year established: 2005
Unique selling point: – List of on going offers
Name of the owner(s) – Darren Hall
Little bit about the service: Another site that gives free information, Bet72 is filled with information and offers. You will want to go through them all and understand them. This means that it is probably only worth considering if you are planning to dedicate a bit more time to making money in this way.

Free Bets 4 All

Website URL: freebets4all.com
Year established: 2005
Unique selling point: – Automatcher
Name of the owner(s) – Not sure!
Little bit about the service: There are over 50 bookmaker offers on this site. It does a good job of clearly explaining how to get started.  There are the usual limitations that you will find on all free matched betting services.

Bank of Bets

Website URL: https://www.bankofbets.com/
Year established: 2016
Unique selling point: – Home page focussed purely on a list of offers with no spiel
Name of the owner(s) – Owen Burek
Little bit about the service: Bank of Bets is smartly set up. The home page has a long list of offers and a running total of the whole amount. Newcomers may find this a bit intimidating, as other sites have lots of FAQs and instructions on them. However, if you just want to get straight down to betting then this is a decent choice.

Raid the Bookie

Website URL: https://raidthebookie.com/
Year established: 2015
Unique selling point: – Strong social media approach
Name of the owner(s) – Not sure
Little bit about the service: There is a fun aspect to this site that should appeal to a certain type of customer. The focus is on happy members and social media support. It doesn’t have the comprehensive software and other benefits of paid services but it should make you feel comfortable about this sort of betting.

Team Profit

Website URL: http://teamprofit.com/
Year established: 2016
Unique selling point: – Step by step instructions for new account offers
Name of the owner(s) – Jon Robertson, Chris Harvey & Dan Sanderson
Little bit about the service: This blog covers basic matched betting new account offers and how to take advantage of them.

That’s your full list of Matched Betting services including the free options!

The best Matched Betting service is:—

For people with no betting experience – Bonus Bagging.

For users with some betting experience – Profit Maximiser.

Full disclosure, I own both of those products but they blow the socks off the competition. Both products have been around for longer than all the other paid sites. The owners of Profit Accumulator, Profit Squad & several of Odds Monkey staff were all students of mine before starting rival services. You will get much better results if you learn straight from the master!

Those links to the best matched betting service again.

Bonus Bagging – for users brand new to betting.

Profit Maximiser – for users with some betting experience.

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I’ve personally reviewed nearly all of the premium matched betting services listed above and both PM and BB are hugely superior in my opinion.

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I signed up for Bonus Bagging and made my first £14 yesterday. This time next year I want to be on the top 5 Profit Maximiser casino wins list 🙂

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