Adapting to Change: Part 2

Adapting to Change in Matched Betting: Part 2

We have looked before at how to adapt to change. This is something that is important in any walk of life. You need to know how to react to big changes that come your way. Standing still and hoping that nothing changes isn’t an option if you want to prosper.

This is something that doesn’t just apply to matched betting. There are sure to be plenty of moments in your life when you need to adapt. However, for the moments let’s look at how to deal with matched betting changes.

What has happened lately to this way of making money? More importantly, we will look at ways to carry on benefiting from it. The good news is that there is still a lot you can do to make money.

Adapting to change part 2

Has Matched Betting Died?

I have seen this question several times recently. There’s been heated debates about it on the Profit Maximiser forum. I’ve also seen it being asked on other forums too. So, is it time to say goodbye to this way of earning money? A lot of people seem to worry that it is.

The short answer is no. Matched betting is still going strong. Many of us are still making money from it every week and every month.

There is no need to bid a sad farewell to matched betting yet. It is a money-making method that is still alive and kicking. Plenty of people are still doing it and making extra cash.

Why do people think that it is over then? Maybe it is just human nature. We all fear that a good thing will come to an end. If you have been making good money you might worry about it all ending.

Or maybe you believe that that the bookies have figured it out. Is it possible that they have cracked down on the best strategies? This would be a disaster for you too.

Neither of these fears is justified. It isn’t too good to be true. This technique works and will keep on working. This is because there are solid principles behind it. It isn’t a gimmick or a short-term trick.

In the same way, the bookies haven’t stopped it happening. Because they can’t. We will look at the reasons for this in a minute.

Overall, this is a good time to look at the whole issue. What is still working? Is there anything that no longer works? You can then see which types of bet it is best to start with.

Has It Changed from Years Ago?

You might have seen people saying that matched betting has changed. Maybe they say it was easier in the past. Or that it used to be more profitable for everyone.

Are established traders’ memories letting them down? Could it be that they are nostalgic for golden days that never existed. Well, the truth is that matched betting has changed. It used to be easier to get bigger profits. But that is only part of the story.

The most notable difference is in terms of value. There is definitely less of it around now. Why is this the case? There are some different reasons to bear in mind.

  • FOBT stake cut hitting bookies profits. This was a massive source of easy profits for them. Bookmakers have suffered since the lower stake limits were introduced. This has led to them lowering their offers to players. So, this is a factor that affects matched betting but doesn’t really come from within it. It is just one of those things that happen sometimes.
  • The popularity of matched betting has been soaring. Just a few years ago, hardly anyone had heard of this method. This meant rich pickings for the few people who did it. Now, the increasing popularity has made it more difficult to earn like before. It still isn’t exactly mainstream. But more people doing it means lower profits.
  • The tougher rules on data protection have harmed bookmaker profits too. This has led to sky-rocketing marketing costs for them. All of this has had an effect on the bonuses they can offer. When profits drop, they look for ways to cut back.
  • The UK Gambling Commission has also played a part. They have been handing out lots of fines to operators. This typically happens when they break advertising rules. When this happens, they tend to cut back on new player offers. These offers are a big part of matched betting. So we miss them when they disappear.

All of these points mean lower profits now. But it isn’t the end of the road. You can still make very healthy profits with matched betting. It is a question of being more focused. And of getting value whenever you can find it.

Don’t give up because of these changes. They are simply issues to be dealt with. None of them is serious enough to stop you earning a profit. Even if more factors like this appear, matched betting will carry on.

Why Don’t Bookies Stop Matched Betting?

You might wonder why bookies haven’t cracked down on matched betting. Surely they don’t like people getting free money like this? Isn’t there something that they can do?

The problem for them is how to do this. They certainly try their best to spot anyone who has an unfair advantage. This is why it is so important to follow a clever, sustainable system. You don’t want to make it easy for them to spot you.

They will try to stop you if they can. So it is up to you to stay one step ahead. You need to evolve for this reason too. There is no point carrying on with a system that the bookie can catch you on.

Thankfully, there are some tried and tried ways of doing this. The systems we will look at in a minute won’t get you gubbed. Of course, they might stop working at some point for this reason. For this reason, you need to stay up to date on what still works.

Basically, the bookie can’t stop it even if they want to. If we look at the issue of offers, we can see how this works. The bookies need these offers to attract and retain clients. If they stopped them, they would lose more money than they do through matched betting.

It isn’t really worth their while removing all offers. This would stop their flow of profitable new clients.

All they can do is accept that some people will use these deals cleverly. They still come out ahead, as most people waste the offers. For every person who profits, there are many others who don’t.

What Should I Focus On?

So far, we have seen that matched betting is still going strong. We have also seen that it is something that changes over time. You need to understand these basics at the start. But what comes after that?

What is your ideal starting point? You should be looking to get started as smoothly as possible. While also aiming to rack up some nice profits early on, of course.

This means looking at the highest value offers right away. These are the deals that give you big profits. Starting with them will give you a big boost at the beginning. There is nothing like a big win early on to get you going.

Remember to stick to you bankroll limits. You need to be sensible and scoop up the offers that make sense. This doesn’t mean rushing in and making hasty decisions. Yet, you need to get started well. You want to start earning good money as soon as you can.

What are the benefits of choosing the high-value bonuses? These give you the best earnings per hour. That is important for a couple of reasons.

For a start, you will build up your bankroll. This will let you take on more offers and access extra ones. It will also have a positive effect on your confidence. You will see that good money can be won in this way. Even if you don’t spend much time on it, you will see profits worth getting.

Focus on These Offers

You need to start with a sharp focus. Don’t waste time on offers that aren’t worth it. If you do this then you might give up too soon. Choosing the best offers lets you carry on with confidence.

What are the very best offers to take on? Here are some of the main deals you should focus on at the beginning.

  • Bet365 2 up. This is a football betting offer that still works well. In fact, it is the most profitable sports deal just now. However, there is the risk of losing runs with it. So, you should only start if you are committed to seeing it through.Basically, this deal pays out when your chosen team goes 2 goals up. Why is this such a good idea for matched betting? Well, what if the back bet is paid out at 2-0? You could still win the lay bet if the other team eventually wins. It gives you that possibility of a bigger win than normal.
  • Each Way Sniper no lay. In this case, you can get an average of 20% of the back stakes in profit. There’s lots of value to be found here. With no shortage of bets, you can make a lot of money. It can be done daily.The lack of lay bet means that there is some risk involved. You are likely to hit a losing streak at some point. However, the value involved means that these each way bets should give you decent profits over time.
  • Profit Maximiser calendar offers. This is another way to focus on the high-value stuff. You will find a variety of low-risk casino offers. These come with about £10 or more in estimated value.In addition, you will see low-risk sports offers with good value in them. It is a question of getting in the habit. Check out these offers regularly and you will see how they help you.
  • Price boosts. This is a fast and easy type of offer. They are never going to make a fortune for you. But that isn’t the point. It is all about racking up good profits day after day. This is ideal if you want a consistent approach.It is the kind of offer you can pick up every day. If you have a busy lifestyle this is perfect. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. This makes it easier to fit into even a busy day.
  • Lay to lose. This is a clever system that you should be taking advantage of. It is an arbitrage approach. You can either lock in a profit or underlay. Both methods are capable of giving you regular wins for good amounts.There are quite a few bookies that now offer a lay to lose guarantee. The process of placing the bets is easy enough. Just be sure that you are ready to follow the odds at the right time.

Your profits will soon start mounting up with these methods. This means that you will see right away how this works. There is no sitting around for weeks worrying if you are going to make money.

You can also follow the dedicated Facebook thread on this. This will show you where they are posted. Even a newcomer will soon feel comfortable making money like this.

Naturally, there are also other methods you could use. If you have the time, there is nothing wrong with investigating them all. You might find something that suits your personality perfectly.

Yet, I would suggest that these 5 ideas are the best starting point for anyone. They have been proven to work over and over again. What better way is there to start making money and feeling good about it?

Which One Should You Try?

As you can see, we have covered a few approaches above. Each of them has some good advantages going for it. This means that they suit different people and varying situations.

There is nothing to stop you giving each of them a go. You might end up dipping in and out of all five of them. Or else you could discover that there is one or two you particularly like.

The key point is to get started. The sooner that you do this the quicker you will make money. So what’s stopping you? If it is the fear of the unknown then now is the time to conquer it.

These are all easy systems that you will soon get to grips with. There is nothing to fear from any of them. If you still aren’t convinced then prepare to be surprised. These are all terrific money-making methods you can use from day one.

Will They Always Work?

Bear in mind that these are some of the best methods that work just now. That doesn’t mean that they will always work in the future. The bookies might close a loophole. Or they might stop being profitable for some other reason.

Matched betting is all about taking advantage of what is currently available. We can’t be certain what the future will bring. Yet, we can certainly expect it to bring changes. Matched betting techniques have evolved in the past. And they will continue to do so.

All we need to do it adapt to these changes. Once something stops working, we look for something else. This approach has worked well until now. There is no reason to think that it will stop working in the future.

However, you should focus on the present for now. Wring all of the value that you can out of these systems. Once they stop working, I will give you fresh ideas on something else.

Lots of us have been benefiting from matched betting for years now. With the benefit of this experience, we can see how it works. When one door closes, another one opens. The secret is in knowing which door to choose and when.

There is every reason to believe that this a sustainable approach. Matched betting is all about making money day after day. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It isn’t about making all that you can today and quitting tomorrow.

If you are going to give it a try then take a long-term approach. You can keep on making money long into the future. Do it well and it will bring you huge lifestyle and financial benefits.


I could keep on posting all day about this subject. However, it is really all about taking the next step and starting. Above, there are 5 simple systems for you to smash the bookies with. Choose one or more and start making money.

It is true that there may not be as much value as in previous years. But you can still make a healthy profit just focusing on a few simple ideas. Get going with matched betting and see how you can make money very easily. You won’t regret taking the first steps.

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