Adapting to change: The death of MB (Again)!

The Future of Matched Betting and Adapting to Change

Life is all about adapting to change. No matter what you do for a living or for fun, you need to move with the times. If you don’t, then there is a chance that you get left behind.

Matched betting is no different in this respect. No matter how well you do from it, you may need to change eventually. It is how well you manage to do this that will determine your long-term success.

Let’s start by considering the future of matched betting. You may have heard different things in this respect. It’s time to find out the truth about it.

The Death of Matched Betting (Spoiler: It’s Still Alive and Kicking)

Matched betting must be due to die soon. After all, its death has been announced every month since I started running matched betting sites in 2010. Yet, here we are still and still making money from it.


I am still running these sites. And there are still lots of clients making healthy profits each month. So what is going on? Is matched betting about to die or not?

Clearly, matched betting isn’t on its death bed yet. However, it is easy to see why some people might assume this is the case. With offers changing or being removed, it can look bleak.

People get comfortable doing one thing. If it works then they will settle into a routine. This is great in some ways. The problem is that it can be hard to change. You start to fear change when you have a winning formula.

It is natural that you worry when offers disappear. You probably start to rely on this cash coming in each month. What will you do when the deals are no longer around?

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that it is all over. There are still plenty of ways of making money in this way. The key is in understanding what has been happening. You can then look at adapt to the changes.

Do this and you can carry on being successful for a long time. The loss of a specific offer isn’t such a big deal. Especially not when you know that something else will come along to replace it.

Why Do Offers Change?

The first point to cover here is why offers change in the first place. Why don’t bookies and casinos just keep on with the same deals? This would make life a whole lot easier for us.

To understand this, it is important to remember that offers are marketing gimmicks. They are made to entice new customers to join up. After that, their main purpose is to keep people betting regularly.

So, what do they do if any particular deal stops working for them? In this case, they won’t hesitate to change it. They will look for an offer that works better for them. They won’t let an unsatisfactory offer hang around for too long.

If they are losing money on this offer they pull it as soon as possible. Or they might decide to lower the amount on offer. This might mean that the amount in the offer is cut.

For instance, it might drop from an amount of £50 down to £25. This means less overall value for you. You will still make money.

What if they decide to remove a deal altogether? Where do you go from there? Well, it is likely that they replace it with something else. This is because they still need to carry out marketing strategies like this.

Just about every bookie and casino offers deals. It is a hugely competitive industry right now. There are loads of people looking for places to bet online. But there are also tons of options to them. Most newcomers will be swayed by an attractive welcome bonus.

Risk free matched betting casino offer

So if one stopped doing it they would ruin the risk of falling behind. These offers genuinely attract a lot of new customers. So they have no reason to stop doing them altogether.

Naturally, you can choose from many different sites. So even if one removed their deals you could go elsewhere. Since they know this too, they will try their best to tempt you with something.

Other Factors to Bear in Mind

There are some other factors that affect the value of the current offers. For instance, there is the matter of taxation on the betting companies. This is something that could make it unprofitable for them.

They won’t want to lose money in any way. So if a deal doesn’t work for them because of tax issues they will remove it. You won’t see any bookie offers that don’t suit the bookmaker. As least, they won’t be there for long.

Then there is the question of how the current or changing regulations. A good example here is with FOBT stake limits. This could have some effect on the bookies’ profits.

The end result is that their offers could take a hit. However, we have already seen that they shouldn’t disappear altogether. Betting operators will always look for new ways of attracting customers with bonuses. So even as they remove one deal they are planning a new one.

Forget the Doom and Gloom Merchants

It is important to not listen to the doom and gloom merchants. They will try to convince you that it’s the end of the world. These are usually the same people who have been saying that matched betting is dead. They may tell you that it is all just a waste of time.

It may seem like the end of the world at times, according to them. Certainly, it is difficult at first to accept when good offers disappear. It is a real disappointment when a juicy deal is pulled. Yet, it is all about how you react to this sort of setback.

We know that offers change all the time. This means that your strategies need to change as well. What worked in the past will no longer work now. Complaining about this isn’t going to help you in any way.

The people who moan constantly never get anywhere. If their favourite offer disappears they just give up. Instead of looking for something to make money on, they just complain.

What should you do if you want to keep on making money? Basically, you just need to change with the times. Look for new ideas and strategies whenever you need them. It can be done. In fact, lots of people are doing it already.

A terrific example comes from bingo offers. This used to a real gold-mine. It used to be possible to make thousands of pounds each month from them. Those days are now long gone, unfortunately.

What can we learn from this example? Well, there is also something new to replace old offers. You can’t make good money from bingo offers these days. But you can earn from casino bonuses and free bets from bookies.

The new deals might be better. Or they might not be as good. But they will keep you going and earning money in any case.

Stay positive and you are part of the way there. Don’t just throw your hands up in despair when a good deal is removed. This is a sign that you need to work a bit harder. Find some new deals instead.

Indeed, you could take this as a sign that you should earn more. Why not replace the old offer with two new ones? Or carry out double the offers you used to? Why should you settle for less when you can learn more if you want to?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With so many changes, you run the risk of losing track of them. This could lead to you falling behind. You might miss the latest deals. Or you might carry on using strategies that are no longer ideal.

It is crucial that you keep up to date with the latest bonuses and strategies. Anyone who gets in early always makes the most. If you are late to the game then you will earn the least.

This is really about learning as much as you can. The more you learn the more you earn. It really is as simple as that. If you are out of touch then you are losing the chance to earn more.

Warren Buffet

Just a little bit of time each month will help you. You can keep on earning when you have the latest knowledge at your fingertips.

Ultimately, your success comes down to the effort you put into it. It’s not even a huge amount of effort either. You just need to carry out a bit of extra research. It will prove to be well worth it in the long run too.

Block Complainers

The people you listen to help to condition your attitude. So be careful what you feed your mind. If you are surrounded by people complaining then it will hard to stay positive.

Can you see too many negative comments and too much moaning? You might notice certain people who are always looking for reasons to complain. The world certainly doesn’t have a shortage of people looking for things to moan about.

What if you see people who constantly whine about it all being over shortly? They might tell you that matched betting is finished. You don’t need this sort of negativity in your day. So just block people like this on the forum.


Anyone who is constantly complaining won’t be missed. People with this attitude almost never post anything of value anyway. Why should you listen to someone who has nothing useful to offer you?

It is the same with the people around you at home or at work. If you know someone is always negative then why mention your plans to them? You know that they will only find a way to moan about them. Just get on with your matched betting alone without mentioning it.

On the other hand, there are also people who will encourage you. They will tell you to stick at it and congratulate you on big wins. This is the sort of positive attitude that you want to see. Someone who always looks on the bright side can help you to remain upbeat.

We also have bad days now and then. The presence – online or otherwise – of someone who keeps you going is always welcome. Therefore, you just need to think carefully about who you listen to.

Once you see results with your own eyes it doesn’t matter what others say. You will now know what works for you.

£14.5 Billion Gross Gambling Yield

What do the gambling industry statistics tell us? Could this be something that is relevant to a discussion about matched betting? After all, we are looking for signs that the bookmakers will keep on offering deals.

For a start, we could look at the figures from May 2019. Here, we can see that an astonishing £14.5 billion is being gambled. This is the annual figure. And it is just for the UK. Clearly, gambling is something that is more popular than ever before.

Gambling Yeild

We can see that this is a massive industry. There is a lot of money being wagered, and the operators win far more than they lose. The recent rise of online betting has certainly helped. It is now incredibly easy for anyone to place a bet at any time.

Every bookie and casino out there wants a slice of the action. The more customers they attract the greater their share of the profits. With billions of pounds up for grabs, they are all desperate to grab some.

At the end of the day, what sets one operator apart from the rest? You might know some of the names more than others. You might also have seen TV ads for some of them.

Yet, this isn’t the main factor. It is the range of offers that sets them apart. Great welcome bonuses and other deals bring in new players. It has been proven to work. It will keep on working in the future too.

Bookies are no mugs. They know that this attracts customers. They also know that most newcomers will lose rather than win. Above all, they want their share of all that cash being gambled and lost.

This means that tempting offers still make sense for them. They make far more from offering deals than they lose on them.

Will Matched Betting Last Forever?

What have we learned so far? Is matched betting on its last legs after all? Or is it likely to be around forever?

It seems clear that this is something that is here to stay. Matched betting will always be around in one way or another. This is because it makes commercial sense for the gambling companies.

They make more money by offering them. So why would they stop using a winning formula? It would make no sense.

Of course, we have also seen that offers change. They are always going to vary over time. It may be that offer value drops over time. This could be triggered by the growing popularity of matched betting.

So it is safe to sum up that something like always be around. It will change and evolve in the years to come. This means that you need to see how to always take advantage of the best deals.

Take Action Right Now

Have you asked anybody about the “good old days”? Maybe they told you how good it used to be when Profit Maximiser started up. A lot of people mention that they didn’t realise how good they had it in the early days.

take action

Yet, what if you look back in 5 years’ time? What would the current situation look like from the future? The truth is that you will probably say the same thing.

It is easy to forget how good we have it now. They are loads and loads of offers out there. If you fail to take advantage then it is just down to you. There is no excuse for not getting started right away.

How should you get going? It is easy to do this. Get started today and you will soon be racking up profits. Mop up all the value and hit the bookies hard. Right now is a golden age for matched betting and you should grab your share.


There is no doubt that matched betting has changed the betting industry. It is now possible to make lots of cash in this way.

We tend to have a natural fear that the good times will end. This is why so many people are negative about the prospects of matching betting. They think that there is no chance of something so good lasting.

However, we have seen the reasons why it will carry on. Matched betting has been around for a few years now and isn’t going away.

To keep making money in this way you just need to adapt. Look for the latest strategies and learn how to use them. If you do this, then you can look forward to some great profits in the future.

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