An Idiots Guide to Profiting from Middle Betting

An Idiots Guide to Profiting from Middle Betting

If you have heard of middle betting you might be wondering if it’s something really complicated. After all, it isn’t as common as some other betting techniques. Yet, it can be a great way to win money.

So what is it about and why should you be interested in it? The truth is that middle betting isn’t hard to get the hang of. It can also be profitable, so let’s take a look at what it is all about.

The Basics of Middle Betting

This type of betting is similar in many ways to sports arbitrage bets. This is because you are covering all of the possible outcomes with two bets. You aren’t gambling on a certain thing happening. Instead, you make sure that you have a winning bet no matter what happens.

In fact, you will cover some outcomes more than once. This is because an overlap between the bets is a key feature. Because of this, you can win both bets on some occasions. It won’t happen all the time. But you will win the two bets now and then.

This is the main difference from surebets. You will always win one or other of the bets. There will never be a situation in which you lose both wagers. However, there is also the chance of winning both of them. Clearly, finding this kind of bet opens up some terrific possibilities for big profits.

You won’t win money every single time. In fact, there are sure to be some cases in which you make a small loss (like a Matched Betting qualifying bet loses always loses money). However, there will be times when you pick up a tidy profit.

This strategy is typically used in basketball matches. However, middles are also well suited to football bets as well. Tennis, baseball, Rugby and American football are a few sports that are suited to this method. Indeed, you can place these bets on other sports too. You may be familiar with the extra places strategy which is a middles system.

Opportunities of this type can occur in several different markets. For instance, middle bets are commonly found on number of goals scored, corners, handicaps, cards and so on.

An Example

An example may help to make this type of bet clearer. You are looking at two bets with some sort of crossover or middle ground. Football is a good option, because of the variety of different wagers available.

Let’s say that you look at the corners market for a certain game. You could place a bet on there being more than 10 corners with one bookie. Your second bet could then be that there will be less than 15 corners awarded in the same game.

If there are fewer than 10 corners then the second bet wins. With more than 15 only the first bet pays out. In either of these cases, you have a small profit or loss. You might break exactly even in some cases.

However, any number between 10 and 15 means that you win on both of the wagers. This is where the really big wins can be gained. This same theory is used in any other sport or market. It is all about finding two bets two covering all possibilities and with a middle ground.

The key to being successful with this is finding bets with a small / no qualifying bet loss. Lets say you place 10 separate middle bets. 9 of them lose £1 each on qualifying bet losses but the 10th attempt you win £50 hitting the middle. Overall this is a good deal.

How this compares to a surebets

With surebets you would still place 2 bets. Yet, one could be more than 10 corners and the other for fewer than 10. So, it is impossible to win both of the bets. You are simply covering the different possibilities on their own.

The same theory applies with the goal over-under market. If you can find 2 bets that overlap somewhere you have got a middle bet. If they are simply opposite outcomes with no middle ground it is a surebet.

The secret is in finding the right combination of bets. Also, the greater the chance of both bets coming in the better.

If the middle total seems unlikely, it becomes a bit less appealing. The qualifying losses would likely outweigh the profit made from hitting the middle.

How Risky Is It?

You will lose money on some of your middle betting. Therefore, it is a strategy that can’t be classed as no-risk. Yet, the risk level is relatively low. As long as you get the numbers right, any potential loss is restricted. It isn’t like just betting on horse and hoping for the best.

The most important thing is to understand the numbers and odds. You need to know that you are placing wagers that make sense.

Once you get to grips with the basics, finding value comes next. Making the most of middle betting ultimately comes down to finding value.

You need to find odds that let you make smart bets. If the odds are too heavily weighted on one side then you risk a big loss. You want to always get the balance right. No possible result should lead to a disastrous loss.

The idea is that you never incur a higher loss than 1 to 2%. Clearly, a few losses in a row like this would be bad news. It can take some patience in finding suitable bets.

Are They Better Than Surebets?

Surebets (or arbitrage) are popular with people who want to always get a guaranteed win. As we have seen, they have some elements in common with middle betting. Yet, there are also some major differences. So, what advantages do middle bets have right now?

  • They offer potentially bigger profits. With surebets, you tend to win only small amounts regularly. It is rare to win a really big sum in this way. Yet, with middle betting this is far more possible.
  • You won’t run into as many problems with blocked accounts. At the time of writing, bookies are trying to crack down hard on arbitrage bets. If you take this approach, you could get blocked sooner or later. There is as much focus on middle betting.
  • Another advantage is that you can often place the bets before the event. This makes it a more relaxed, less rushed method than with many surebets. It might suit you better if you are short of time for live betting. Or if you just prefer to take your time and avoid errors.
  • This is a sustainable approach. There is never any guarantee that matched betting will continue to work. Yet, at the moment it seems that middle betting is here to stay as it does not rely on bonuses.

Is it easier or more difficult to do than placing surebets? Middling is more challenging to find good value bets.

What about the disadvantages when compared to arbitrage? The following are worth bearing in mind.

  • The risks can be higher. Generally speaking, you stand more risk of losing with middle betting. With surebets, you are never going to lose. Of course this safety-first approach comes with the downside of lower profit potential.
  • It is also easier to find surebets. If you want a constant stream of bets then arbitrage will keep you more occupied.

What About Positive Middles?

So far, we have seen that middle betting gives you the risk of losing. Yet, this isn’t always the case. There are also situations that are known as positive middles.

In this case, you are going to be in a win-win situation. It is more like a surebet in that you can’t lose. It doesn’t matter what happens, you are going to be in profit. Even if just one of the bets come off, you will be making a profit. There is also the overlap that gives you the tantalising possibility of winning both of them.

This really comes down to getting the odds right. Because of this, finding this kind of middle bet manually isn’t impossible. But it is difficult to do. You need to use software to identify the perfect wagers. It all needs to stack up perfectly so that you win whatever happens.

Naturally, this type of win-win bet isn’t as common as you would like it to be. It would be perfect if you could place bets like this all day long. Even a few of them a week could boost your earnings brilliantly.

However, it is far more likely that you find middle bets with the risk of a small loss. You shouldn’t just sit around waiting for positive middles. Place standard middles instead to keep you ticking over. It is then a question of pouncing on any positive middle bets that you find.

It is also worth noting that there is a drawback here. The bookmakers look on positive middles as surebets. Well, it is true that it is a type of arbitrage.

It is easier for them to spot players using this strategy. The risk of getting your account blocked increases the more of them you choose to take on.

You may also see middles with the risk of losing referred to as negatives. Some people also call them dissimilars.

What if you see Polish middles, or inverted middles, mentioned? Both these names mean the same thing. This is a rarer and riskier option. In this case, the middle ground sees you lose both wagers. Unlike normal middle bets, the overlap is what you want to avoid with them.

Who Might Middle Betting Suit?

As always, we need to consider that different people like different strategies. While middle betting might be ideal for someone, another person might not be interested. So what are the main factors to take into account?

For a start, it will appeal to someone who wants big wins. Not everyone is happy picking up a few pounds here and there. Maybe you crave the excitement of aiming high. Or perhaps you need lots of money for some future plans.

Either way, you need to be happy taking some modest risks. This strategy isn’t right for you if you want to avoid risks altogether. You need to be comfortable losing to earn in the long-run.

In terms of lifestyle, this is a type of betting that won’t impact you too much. The best middle bets are often carried out in advance. So there is no need to sit around watching games to make live bets. You can stick to a routine that lets you always place the wagers at the same time.

Provided that you use software to locate bets, it won’t take up too much time. You can very quickly place the correct wager with each bookie. This means that you don’t need to be a betting expert or technically minded.

How Much Can You Hope to Win?

As with any type of betting strategy, there is no single answer here. Your profits will depend largely on how long you spend on it. It also comes down to luck. How many suitable bets will you find in a day?

As we saw, the amount you win then varies according to the outcome. What about the example from earlier? We needed between 10 and 15 corners for the best possible result. Just one or more or one less at the end of the match can make a huge difference to you. There is no way of knowing what is going to happen.

With arbitrage, there are two possibilities. Either one bet wins or the other one does. In the case of middle betting, there are three potential outcomes. One or other wager could win. Or they both could win. This makes it more difficult to predict what you will end up with.

This is especially true because of the big differences involved. Each of the wagers will have different payouts. The biggest variable is the fact that you could win both of them. This means that the final payout could be very high.

It has been proven over time to bring excellent results. You just need to show some patience.

Keep going and you will see the wins rack up sooner or later. Don’t just give up if you see a few poor results in a row. You should remember that one big win will cover several losses. These wins will come to you eventually.

How Many Bets Like This Can I Place?

Negative middles, where there is the risk of a loss, are pretty common. A good piece of scanning software will pick up some for you every day. Therefore, you can afford to be choosy. There is no need to take on every single bet.

Some are better than others. As mentioned earlier, you could have a far higher chance of hitting the middle ground with certain wagers. You will also want to weigh up the potential risks and benefits.

There are relatively few worries about the bookies spotting your activities. Having said that, you need to be more careful if you use positive middles.

How to Get Started

It isn’t particularly difficult to start betting in this way. Your best bet is looking at an arbitrage service that provides this feature. Both Rebel Betting and Bet Burger provide middles on their software.

Apart from that, you just need to make sure that you have a big enough bank. You can then start right away. As noted earlier, you can use them on numerous sports and markets. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of bookmakers.


Middle betting is a terrific tool to have available to you. It isn’t the right strategy for everyone to follow. But it is a powerful way to earn money. If you are keen to give it a try then you need to be patient with it.

Over time, you will discover an exciting and effective way of making money.


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