Profit Squirrel Review – Will it make you any money?

Profit Squirrel Review

More and more people are discovering the power of matched betting. This means that the popularity of tools for this activity is growing steadily. Doing it on your own would take up a huge amount of time, so this approach makes sense. In this article I’ll be doing a Profit Squirrel Review.

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There is no denying that getting the right software is an important starting point. So, is Profit Squirrel a recommended tool? How can it be used to help you to make money? Does it have any major drawbacks you need to know about?

This is far from the only service of this type around. This means that you can afford to weight it up carefully. If it suits you then you can start to earn money using it. If not, you can look elsewhere.

Bearing all of this in mind, I had a look at it to see what it is all about. Is it a smart way to carry out matched betting or best avoided? Read my Profit Squirrel review to find out the pros and the cons.

What is Profit Squirrel?

You may have already heard of Profit Squirrel. The company has been around since 2015. They seem to have invested heavily in social media advertising lately too.

Their service is claimed to be “proven to make you money”. How do they do this? The first step is to give you access to video tutorials. This is something that you would expect. After all, you need to understand the concept of matched betting to get started.

Profit Squirrel review

After this, they offer on-going support. This mainly means helping you to find the rights offers. They also go out of their way to try and make every new member a winner. Of course, this suits them as it means more people will carry on paying for the service.

You may already know that matched betting success depends upon finding the right deals. If you do this then you are on the right track. Profit Squirrel aims to let you see the current deals that you need every single day.

They also say that they offer a comprehensive community service for members. This is designed to ensure that no-one leaves without making a profit. If you are worried about having to do it all alone then Profit Squirrel will reassure you.

The Profit Squirrel site is nice and modern to look at. It is good to see that they clearly explain what they offer and how they do it. All in all, it is a welcoming site that lets you feel at home right away.

Who Founded Profit Squirrel?

Profit Squirrel is registered in Westminster, London. The owner is listed elsewhere online as being Tanjeet Gill. However, their own site doesn’t seem to mention anything about him.

By doing a bit of online digging, I can see that London-based Tanjeet is actually listed as a co-founder. His previous career appears to include working at IBM, Heinz and Merck & Co. It isn’t clear if he is still involved with this service. He is mentioned elsewhere as being in charge of core operations.

Another co-founder is called Tegbir Gill. As far as I can see, he has worked at HSBC, JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank. Again, it is difficult to see if he is still involved. He certainly seems to have been a key member of the product development work.

Finally, the 3rd co-founder is listed as Chris Haill. I managed to find an online interview with him in which he talked about starting out with the project.

Chris never mentioned the other co-founders here, just saying that he used matched betting while at university. He said that he then created videos to guides to help other people to earn money. After graduating he founded Profit Squirrel.

On their own site’s blog, Chris says that he used to make sure that tutorials were accurate. However, they now have a team that can do that for him. He now seems to concentrate mainly on marketing the site.

This means that Chris is the face of this site. He appears in a number of videos and interviews talking about matched betting. He certainly seems passionate and is very knowledgeable about the subject.

Their blog posts also introduce us to a few of the team members. Amanda Smith is the talent manager. Bobby Formella is the community support manager.

What Strategies and Software Do You Get?

The general idea behind matched betting is pretty simple. It shouldn’t take you long to get to grips with the basics. There is no risk in this type of betting. In fact, it can’t even be classed as gambling.

Instead, you can earn money with no risk. What you need to do is place a bet and then place a lay bet that covers all other possibilities. If this is done right then you simply can’t lose.

Plenty of people are already using this strategy to make money. It isn’t exactly a secret. Yet, it is also true that there are lots of people who don’t yet understand the potential it offers.

Profit Squirrel members area

So why do you even need software like this? Well, the secret to good matched betting is to find the right deals at the right time. Bookie offers are essential to making the numbers stack up for you.

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You could spend endless hours hunting for deals and working out the odds yourself. This kind of service is designed to make like easier for you. It does the hard work for you.

With Profit Squirrel you get the following main sections:

  • Daily offers. These are the bread and butter of your matched betting. You will find the bookie offers that let you take advantage of free money every day. As mentioned earlier, this is the key to making money with no risk. Without access to these offers you would struggle to make any money at all.
  • Oddsmatcher. This is a typical piece of matched betting software. It simply allows you to find the current odds for any bookie. This is an essential part of the site. It isn’t the most powerful oddsmatcher service, but it does the job. It is one of the element you will use most.
  • Odds calculator. This is another standard tool. It simply lets you work out the lay bet amount needed. Again, it is absolutely necessary and this one does the job with no fuss.
  • Profit tracker. Not every matched betting service offers this tool. It is something that simply lets you see how much you have earned. Some people prefer to use their own spreadsheets. However, there is no harm in having this option to hand.
  • ACCA calculator. This is a handy tool. It lets you work out the odds for accumulators very easily. You might not use it very often but it is good to have.
  • Bet365 ITV Horse Racing. This spreadsheet lets you take advantage of a worthwhile weekly offer. You can make money regularly with this tool.
  • Casino RTP %’s. You may already know that matched betting works with casino offers too. This gives you added earning power instead of relying only on bookies. With this tool you can see the house edge and rating for close to 2000 slots games. In this way, you can see which slots you should be looking to choose on each casino site.
  • Multiple Horse Racing Offers Calculator. Here, you can work out your horse racing refund offer details.
  • Spread Betting – As the name suggest, this is a calculator for use on spread betting. It is easy enough to use and could come in handy.
  • Rule 4 Deductions – Horse Racing. With this calculator you can see what effect it has when horses withdraw after you have bet. It could be worth using at times.

How Much Money Can You Make?

What is the most important question with any service like this? That’s right, you need to know how much money you could earn.

With all matched betting services, it largely comes down to the quality of the offers you find. This and the amount of time that you can dedicate to it, of course.

Their site promises that it is possible to make £500 per month or more. There is no upper limit stated on their site. Bear in mind that you need to pay for the service and deposit around £40 with bookies to start with.

Don’t forget that matched betting profits are tax-free. You can see some customer testimonials on their blog too. These people talk about earning between £400 and £1,000 per month.

As pointed out earlier, the amount of time you spend on this is crucial. On the site, it says that each video tutorial takes 20 minutes to watch. The more videos you watch the more you should earn. This is how you learn more strategies and ways of earning.

One of their promises is that you will earn your first profits in 20 minutes. Expect to earn £15 in this time, according to their blog.

Their headline figure of £500 per month is reasonable for matched betting. This isn’t an outrageously high number that is unrealistic to aim for. You may earn more or you may earn less. However, Profit Squirrel certainly doesn’t promise anything that is impossible to achieve with a bit of effort.

How Much Does Profit Squirrel Cost?

Naturally, you need to spend some money to unlock this earning potential. How much does it cost and is it worth it?

To be fair, Profit Squirrel is one of the more expensive matched betting services. Their site doesn’t make the subscription fee clear to newcomers. You really need to start the sign up process in order to see how much it is going to cost you.

At the time of writing, the monthly charge is £24.99. There is also the option of paying annually so that it works out a bit cheaper. With the annual option you also get a special training session included.

Profit Squirrel pricing

This is clearly a fairly hefty fee to pay. Of course, if you earn big profits then it will still be a good investment. However, there are cheaper options for learning matched betting.

Is it good value for money? It probably depends how much time you plan to dedicate to it. If you are going to make a serious effort with matched betting then you will make enough money to make it worthwhile. If you only plan to bet occasionally you might be better with a cheaper service.

What Is Profit Squirrel Unique Selling Point?

There is no doubt that this company prides itself on good customer service. They go the extra mile to make sure that everyone who signs up earns money.

This means that it is a good option for someone who want a lot of help. The support options include FAQ and live chat. They have established a strong reputation for customer service.

You will also find a member’s community on Facebook. For many newcomers, this is the best place for asking questions. The strength of the community is a feature to take into account when weighing up any matched betting service.

This makes it a solid option for anyone who is taking a step into the unknown. It shouldn’t be too long before you are feeling confident about placing bets in this way.

Is There a Free Trial?

One of the main drawbacks with Profit Squirrel is the lack of a free trial covering the whole website. Currently it gives you access to just 2 offers. Not every newcomer to matched betting will be comfortable paying such a lot of money right away. If you like to try before you try then you may wonder whether to risk going ahead.

However, it is worth pointing out that there is a money back guarantee. What does this consist of and how can it help?

If you follow the tutorials then you are promised that you will make money. If you don’t do this in 30 days you get your money back. They also give you £100 too in this case.

This should go some way to easing your mind. You can’t lose. Provided that you follow the tutorials you simply can’t go wrong.

Is it a Scam?

Matched betting really does work. It might seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. Plenty of people have made money in this way.

Therefore, this isn’t a scam. You can genuinely make money in this way. Matched betting is a loophole that sites like this let you take advantage of legally. It is simply an unfair advantage that you give yourself over the bookies.

The real question is why you should choose Profit Squirrel over other options of this type. Is this service good enough to let you live the dream? It has a lot going for it and is completely above board.

The fact that they explain everything so clearly is good to see. No-one can accuse Profit Squirrel of hiding the facts or of making false promises. You know exactly what you are getting here right from day one.

Other Profit Squirrel Reviews

I am not the only person to carry out a Profit Squirrel review online. So, what do other people say about this service?

Most other reviewers appear to be impressed with the same things I like. The customer service is strong. The site is very attractively laid out and easy to use. The community is a big help in getting started.

The main negative point is the price. I agree that it could be lower. However, it isn’t a deal-breaker in my opinion. If you like the service on offer then the price isn’t excessive.

Don’t forget that paying more can work out in the long run. If it helps you to earn more then it is worth it.

The lack of a free trial covering the full website is also a bit of a sticking point for reviewers. It certainly would be nice to have this option. Yet, the money back guarantee sort of fills this gap.

Overall, the impression I got is that some reviews were a bit too harsh. This is a good product that should earn you money. It isn’t perfect but it isn’t a waste of money.

Perhaps the lowest ranking Profit Squirrel reviews are because the reviewers were promoting alternative products. I have looked at the service impartially and believe that it is a decent option for matched betting.

Profit Squirrel Review: Conclusion

If you are just getting started on matched betting this is a good choice. The clearly laid out site and the helpful videos make it easy to get going. It can also be used by people who already understand matched betting. However, it seems fair to say that it is aimed more at newbies.

The excellent customer service is probably this service’s strong point. They make it as easy as possible for new members to get going. In fact, they really go out their way to make sure that everyone wins money.

As covered in the review, there are also some points that could be better. A lower subscription fee and a free trial might convince more people to join up. Yet, overall this is a nice way of making money from matched betting. That concludes my Profit Squirrel Review.

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