How to Win a Football Accumulator

How to Win a Football Accumulator

Most people have probably heard of accumulator bets on football matches before now, but not everyone knows exactly what they are and how to make a long term profit. The following information will help you to understand how to win a football accumulator by sticking to just a few simple steps.

We need to start off by pointing out that, in general terms, accumulator bets are poor value for punters but great news for bookies. This is because you increase your chances of losing money by combining several games on one gamble.

While the odds for correctly predicting a number of games can seem very tempting, there is a very good reason why bookies love them and gamblers very rarely win on them. It might seem like a bet that favours you but the truth is that it is the bookmakers who comes out ahead most of the time.

If we look at some numbers in the video example of a football accumulator, we can see that your chances of losing grow as you add in extra games. This is why it is rare for people to win big on football accumulators. The odds are stacked against this happening.

If you place 5 individual bets on 5 different games then 3 or 4 might come up. By betting on the same games in a traditional accumulator you will win nothing, because you need every single one of them to work out perfectly in order to win. Naturally, this is a fairly rare occurrence as there are so many different factors that can ruin your accumulator during any of the games.

Just one result going against you means that you lose out, even if all of the other matches went exactly as you had predicted. Therefore, this is the kind of bet that doesn’t often pay out to the punter, even when it looks like a terrific bet with a high probability of coming up trumps.

That doesn’t mean that you should just give up on this type of wager, though. Indeed, by finding out how best to go about it you can make sure that this bet is something that brings you a constant series of wins that you can count on.

What Is a Football Accumulator?

The first point to cover is around what exactly we mean by a football accumulator. It is a common enough phrase as it is one of the most popular types of sports bet around that many sports fans love to bet on each week. As well as the gambling aspect, it can also add immensely to the enjoyment of the upcoming games, as each one included in the bet is vital to the chances of its overall success.

To put it simply, this is a wager in which you combine a few different football bets in one. For instance, you might think that Real Madrid, Liverpool, Celtic and PSG are all going to win this weekend, so you would bet that they all do this.

The odds that you get might not be all that great if you bet on them individually, especially if you are betting on teams that are strong favourites to win their respective games. However, you will get far better odds by linking all of the bets together in one single, accumulator wager that only pays out if every one of your predictions comes true.

In this case, you can get a massive pay-out if you are right on each result in your prediction. You don’t have to bet on each team winning, as you can also wager on a draw or a defeat. This type of bet can start with 2 or 3 games, and it can go up to as many games as you want to include in it.

The Downside

The obvious downside to this type of sports bet is that you need all of the teams to deliver in order to win money on it. Even if just one of them lets you down you will have lost your entire bet, no matter how agonisingly close you came to a correct, accurate prediction of the outcomes.

Of course, this is what makes it such a thrilling type of wager as well. As each team in your accumulator does the business you inch ever closer to the huge win that you have been dreaming of. Often, a giant sum of money can be left hanging tantalisingly in the balance until the final kick of the ball in the last game on the accumulator.

Plenty of people have won big on football accumulators over the years, with not all of them being football experts or experienced gamblers. Yet, far more punters have had their hearts broken as just one game goes the wrong way and sends the whole thing up in smoke.

Still, many people are tempted to put their money on football accumulators like this every week. So, the question has to be whether there is a better way of doing that could give you improved prospects of a win.

The fact is that you can take a different approach to winning football accumulators instead of relying purely on luck or on tirelessly researching all of the teams that are due to play.

It Is Still Possible to Win – YES!

Despite the above downsides, it is still possible to learn how to win a football accumulator very easily once you know what to do. The key is in using accumulator offers from bookmakers that give you a win even if there is one team that lets you down in the selection you have chosen.

By doing this you effectively lock in a profit regardless of the outcome of the matches. So, how can you do this and make your football accumulators into winners for you instead of for the bookie?

The truth is that learning how to win a football accumulator isn’t really anything to do with carrying out endless research on the teams that are playing and their current form. Instead, you will want to use some clever maths to sort this out for you.

Even better news comes with the fact that you can use convenient software to help you to work out how to do this in the best possible way. This is especially important for those of us who can’t afford to spend endless hours working out all of the different figures that come into play when calculating the ideal accumulator bet.

Rather than spending all this time on it you can simply use this type of software to work out what games to bet on to guarantee a profit. It will even tell you exactly how much you can expect to win in each different possible outcome.

You can then very easily identify the games that are going to give you a terrific deal that lets you win every single time.

How Does It Work?

Now that you know that it is possible to win with an accumulator gamble on a number of football games, it is time to go into the nitty gritty of how it is done. As mentioned earlier, there is some fairly complicated maths involved but it certainly isn’t impossible to start winning money on accumulators even if you are completely new to football betting.

Here is a worked video example using Accumulator Generator

Basically, you can make every bet a winner by taking advantage of a free bet from the bookie and then spreading the value of that bet over all of the matches that are included in your accumulator. When done correctly this approach guarantees that you will walk away with a profit every time that you gamble.

The exact amount that you win will depend upon the odds that you get. For instance, the best chance of a big win comes when you get teams with low odds and whose back and lay odds are close together. Other options may give you a smaller but still risk-free return.

Clever methods of wringing as much value as possible out of this way of betting include underlaying each game to make sure that every possible outcome results in a profit for you. If one of the teams on your accumulator loses then you can underlay the rest of the games to keep you in the black.

It’s all about the maths

There is no doubt that the trickiest part of this gambling method is the maths work that needs done to ensure that you place the right bets. If you do this well then you are going to make money with no risk, but getting the maths wrong means that you run the risk of losing money on the bet.

Therefore, it is vital that you choose a system that you can trust to work out the figures accurately and speedily every single time. This is still a betting method that will take you a little bit of time to get perfectly right but it will be well worth the effort.

This is ideal if you want to know how to win a football accumulator regularly and without any fear of losing money. You can expect to get regular wins pouring in, with many of them perhaps modest in size but still very satisfying.

There is no need to crunch numbers and run the risk of losing out if you make a mistake with the maths at any point. The system will take all of the stress and the hard work out of choosing the games that are going to make you money without any sweat.

It Is Completely Safe and Legal?

It is worth pointing out at this stage that there is absolutely nothing to fear in terms of the legality and safety of betting like this. This isn’t in any way illegal or risky at all.

This betting approach simply takes advantages of the bookmakers refund if one team lets you down. It is true that you are giving yourself a massive, unfair advantage but that is down to the way that football accumulators are set up and nothing to worry about.

You can start betting with small amounts until you build up your confidence. However, it is fair to say that even your first wagers placed in this way can be done without any fear.

It’s a loophole

This is a loophole that more people have found out about in recent years and that has helped many punters to win big amounts of money without risking their stake.

Therefore, the best thing you can do just now is take advantage of this way of making money by finding out how to win a football accumulator without any fuss. It is a lot easier to do this than you might imagine it would be and it is also a lot of fun too.

Needless to say, the chance to win regularly and handsomely on your football accumulator bets is the biggest reason for betting in this way. Even if you have had a bad run of luck lately, you can be sure that your luck is about to change for the better from now on.

Providing that you follow the instructions carefully you can be sure that you will win time after time in this way. Before long you will be placing bets with the utmost confidence, safe in the knowledge that you will soon be able to collect your winnings.

Naturally, you might think at the beginning that this way of placing bets is just too good to be true. However, once you pick up your first winnings you will come to realise that this is a highly effective and reliable way of consistently beating the bookies that won’t ever let you down.

How to Get Started

If the chance to guarantee wins on football accumulator bets seems too good to resist then it is time to see how best you can get started on this. The truth is that it is incredibly easy to get going with, so that you can soon discover for yourself how easy it is.

For instance, you can very quickly get signed up for a trial of a terrific product such as the Accumulator Generator. This is a handy tool that lets you exploit the loopholes in football accumulators to guarantee a tasty win every time that you place a bet.

This system is cleverly designed to let you win every time simply by taking advantage of the bookmaker offers that you can turn to your advantage. It will search for the best accumulators for you and make it simple to place bets that you simply can’t lose on.

Every deal is worked out for you accurately. This means that even if you are placing a bet for the first time in your life you can do it with complete confidence. The tool will even work out the ideal size of stake for you, so that you just need to follow the instructions in order to maximise your profits.

In this way, you will soon see that betting on football accumulators is a lot easier and more profitable than you had ever imagined that it could be. You can even take advantage of tutorial videos and check out the questions that are most commonly asked by other punters.

Stick to the System

After you get started and pick up your first wins, you will see that this is a system that you can trust time after time. There is no need to settle for just a few wins and then go back to the old, unreliable ways of betting on football matches.

On the other hand, you can view this as being a bold new way of making money from the bookies week after week. The tool that lets you find the most appropriate bets is updated constantly, so that you always have an excellent selection of wagers to choose from.

Once you get going and see the positive results that you achieve there is no need to stop. You can carry on winning by sticking to this same, trustworthy system time after time. Some wins will be bigger than others but the overall idea is that you keep the profits rolling in week after week and accumulator after accumulator.

The opportunity to win regularly should be enough to get you feeling keen to wring all of the possible profits out of this system. It is a lot of fun to place football accumulator bets but it is even more enjoyable to see how you keep winning and earning more money every time.

Don’t let football accumulator bets be something that earns money for the bookies instead of for you. By using a proven, tried and trusted strategy like this you can keep on winning every time that you place a bet.

This means that you can finally say goodbye to the days of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. From now on you will be able to place football accumulator bets knowing that you will soon be picking up some winnings and getting ready to place more bets for more profits.

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