Accumulator Generator Review

Accumulator Generator Review

Another one of my products that has become increasingly popular is Accumulator Generator. What’s unique about this refined piece of software is that it allows you to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome.

In other words, your profit is secured and does not depend on the outcome of the game. Accumulator Generator is suitable for beginner and advanced bettors. Even if it’s your first bet, Accumulator Generator will make sure it’s a successful one. If you’ve been betting for a long time, it’s worth trying out because you finally won’t need any luck.

How does Accumulator Generator work?

When it comes to my products, I always say it’s all about having an “unfair” advantage. The logic of most bettors before they start using my products is the following: betting is complicated. There are no guarantees you will always have the best odds, no matter how many calculations you do. In the end, you can win, but you can also lose. The future is unpredictable.

I worked hard to try to prove this wrong and show that there is an EASY way around it. I hold the strong belief that making real money in the world of betting is possible, as soon as you start betting with an edge. I also wanted to make it simple. After 6 months of tireless work and beta testing, Accumulator Generator was born.

I’ve created a system that relies on using a legal loophole so your success is almost guaranteed. A system designed to lock in a profit regardless of the bets winning or losing.

Accumualtor Generator Banner

Accumulator Generator takes advantage of bookmakers’ accumulator refunds. This system challenges the logic of sometimes win and you sometimes lose. With this system, you do both.

We focus on the available REFUNDS and work them out to your advantage. Bookmakers have special offers on accumulator bets where you get your stake refunded if one team lets you down. In other words, if one leg of your accumulator bet loses, you are refunded in a form of a free bet.

These offers have a reputation of being steady sources of income for bookmakers, but I worked out a way to use them to YOUR advantage instead. Accumulator Generator screens all possible outcomes and then lays AGAINST the potential refund. That way, you WILL lock in a profit no matter what the outcome is!

You don’t need to do any research to find the bets – they will be ready for you. You don’t even need to struggle with the numbers – all the calculations are done for you. And finally, you don’t even have to have knowledge of the odds and teams. As I said before, it’s not about luck, it’s about a low-risk system that actually works.

What’s included?

Two basic features you will use once you’ve purchased Accumulator Generator are the Acca Matcher and the Bet Finder.

Acca Matcher

On the Accumulator Generator website, you will have access to the Acca Matcher software. It will give you a constantly updated list of actively running bets.

Your Acca Matcher Main Page

As you can see, the Accumulator Generator software displays 35 pages of potential accas that you could use.

The system calculates the expected value (EV column) of each accumulator bet so you know roughly how much you are going to make before placing any bets.

Bet Finder

You don’t need to worry about running short on betting opportunities. The Bet Finder filters and customises your search.

For example, if you want to only bet on teams playing in the Premier League, that’s perfectly fine and doable through the Bet Finder.

As you are heating up, you may want to expand the range of offers available to you. Through the Bet Finder, you can also look for bets outside the accumulator offers such as “invite-only” offers and free bets. You can also bet on horse racing.

An example of how you can customise your Bet Finder so it that it only shows accas relevant to your preferred league.

The Training

One of the reasons I believe Accumulator Generator is perfect newbies is the training provided. You have access to video training, including:

  • The Basics of Betting – which will equip you with the skills necessary to place your first accumulator bet. These videos will introduce you to accas and show you how to lay them off.
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials about how to use each function of the software to maximise your profits.
  • Risk-Free Checklist to make sure that you make profit every time you place a bet.

Completing these training sessions will take some time, but once you’re done, you won’t need more than 10-15 minutes a day to place your bets.

Accumulator Generator — Screenshot — The Training

Some of the training sessions available in Accumulator Generator

Our STAR Feature: The Calculator

In my opinion, one of the best things about Accumulator Generator is that it saves you trying to figure out the maths behind betting. The Accumulator Generator calculator automatically show the teams, the odds, your ideal stakes and they tell you exactly what you need to do to lock in a profit. It’s that easy.

How much money can you expect to make?

In my training videos I averaged £10 profit per £50 bet placed. In other words, even if you place ONLY ONE acca per day, at the end of the month you will have earned a nice wedge.

Accumulator Generator — Screenshot — Money Getting Strategies

The ‘Only One Loser Allowed’ Myth: Not with our FIVE METHODS

I suspected that one of your major concerns is having TWO losers. Bookmakers only give refunds if you have one loser, right?

When I say that Accumulator Generator won’t let you lose, I really mean it. The moment one leg of your acca loses, the system automatically lays against the potential refund. This means you will be Locking In a profit whether you get the refund or not!

The Nitty Gritty

Accumulator Generator is a low risk strategy for locking in profits from football accumulators, including software that finds the bets for you.

It’s available for only £1 for a 14-day trial, and additional £99 + VAT for 12 months access.

Get your name down for a risk free trial today!

Accumulator Generator benefits:

  • All bets are found for you using real time software.
  • All the calculations are done for you, all you need to do is click and bet.
  • Your bets can be placed from your mobile device.
  • Accumulator Generator generates new bets every single minute so there is enough for everyone.
  • The online system sends you betting reminders so that you always know which games you have running.
  • Video tutorials about each of the five methods.
  • The system does not require you to invest crazy amounts of money in order to start making profit.

We provide you with a comprehensive archive of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If we missed a particular topic, you can always get assistance by contacting our Customer Support Team.

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