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Profit Maximiser Review

If you are looking for a way to increase your profits from matched betting, or simply to get introduced to premium matched betting for the first time, Profit Maximiser is THE system for you.

Who created Profit Maximiser?

If you are familiar with the world of matched betting, you have surely heard about me. I am the creator of Bonus Bagging and a number of other matched betting systems.

I was playing with overlooked offers or, as I call them “low stakes gems”. I was shocked by the amount of money I was making and just how easy it was. This led me to create a more user-friendly system called Profit Maximiser in 2013 were I showed users how to profit from on going bookmaker offers.

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How is Profit Maximiser different from Bonus Bagging?

Profit Maximiser could not fit into Bonus Bagging since the focus was much larger. It offers you access to a variety of sport, casino and bingo systems. It is similar to Bonus Bagging but on a much greater scale, giving you capacity to generate much greater profits.

It allows you to make money from both the introductory and the ongoing offers. Profit Maximiser shows you how to use different forms of bonuses and free bets to your advantage on a daily basis. Let’s make it clear one more time, these do not only come from bookies. There’s a whole new world of casinos, bingo sites and spread betting sites waiting for you when you purchase Profit Maximiser.

How does it work?

Profit Maximiser is not a gambling system. It is a low-risk system based on mathematics, not luck.

The two best features to help you are Profit Maximiser’s Training sessions and the community support, something I invest a lot of time in.

The best thing about Profit Maximiser: The Training

Profit Maximiser — Step-by-Step Guide

Your step-by-step guide

You guessed right, the process starts with a series of training videos. These videos are short and comprehensible. Every time you want to move to a different domain, for example, from bookies to casinos, there will be a short series of training videos for you to watch before you start with these new offers.

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Some of the videos available in Profit Maximiser

I worked hard to teach you step-by-step exactly how the system works. In my opinion, these training sessions remain one of the best and most unique features of Profit Maximiser.

Another great thing about Profit Maximiser: Community Support

All users are gathered in a private Facebook group. I am very active in the group, so you can expect me to share exclusive offers with the members, give you constant tips and discuss new strategies. The forum has hundreds of full time matched bettors also sharing their tricks and tips on maximising your profit.

The forum currently has over 7000 active users.

Profit Maximiser — Members

I also send emails with the latest bonus offers every few days. These come with both written and video instructions, which is a true game-changer.

Do keep in mind that sometimes the matched betting world moves very rapidly. When Sky Casino failed to calculate the value of their promotion, the odds were in favour of the Profit Maximiser community. I estimated £1,000,000 was earned on this promotion in 15 hours before the offer was withdrawn.

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How much money are we talking about?

You must be thinking that all of this sounds great but that it must require thousands of pounds. Luckily, that’s wrong. You can get started with £200 and compound your winnings.

Here are some of the biggest wins we’ve seen.

Paul won £100,000 by simply using one of the offers, which appeared in his Profit Maximiser Calendar.

Profit Maximiser — Facebook Screenshot (1-1)
Profit Maximiser — Facebook Screenshot (1-2)

Another user turned her £5 into nearly £40,000 within a few minutes. While these are not ordinary cases and not everyone makes such high profits, this is still a possibility available for every Profit Maximiser user.

Profit Maximiser is available for only £1 for the 14-day trial period, plus £96 + VAT for your yearly membership.

Some tips for when you decide to start using Profit Maximiser:

  • Do not ignore the ‘Start Here’ Tab, it is really important that you understand the basics of Profit Maximiser.
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  • It is okay to feel adventurous and explore the system on your own, but do your training – by clicking on the ‘Training’ Tab – first. It is the only way to ensure that you will fully understand what you are doing and make the most out of it.
  • Spend your time scrolling down the bookmakers’ sign-up bonuses in the ‘Bookies’ tab. Don’t automatically be discouraged by offers which require a larger bankroll, you can always return to them when it’s convenient.
  • The ‘Casino’ tab is also worth exploring straight away, because some offers come with zero-risk.
  • The ‘ADV Casino’ Tab is where the high-risk casino offers are. The profits are dreamy, but I recommend that you gain more experience (and money) before you start trying them.
  • Note that even though casino offers are not entirely risk free, they are definitely the ones capable the highest earnings in the long run. Take a look at this:
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While Profit Maximiser cannot guarantee you will also earn this much money, it has been proven that the users who take part in casino promotions make more.

  • The bingo offers found in the ‘Bingo’ section are not completely risk-free either, but I give you very precise instructions on how to make money by using them. Profitable offers in the bingo sector are constantly decreasing, so it might be worth trying them out while they are still available.
  • Casino offers require more screen time, whereas the bookie and bingo offers are generally more flexible, in case you don’t want to spend a lot of time online.
  • This is not a full-time job. An hour a day will be sufficient to see significant returns on your investment.

Final thoughts: I HIGHLY recommend it

In conclusion, Profit Maximiser is everything a matched bettor can dream of, combined in a single user-friendly package. This refined system is meant to keep you secure and allow you to profit constantly. I can say there is no better service in the world of matched betting, and it is up to you to explore its full potential and limits, especially at such an affordable price.